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Editor’s Intro

If you haven’t yet discovered the music of Australia’s Convulsing, you should carve out some time and allow it to carve you up. 2016’s Errata (reviewed here) was amazing; Convulsing‘s side of this year’s split with Siberian Hell Sounds (reviewed here) even more so.

I’ve benefited not only from Convulsing‘s music, but also from the musical recommendations of Convulsing‘s lone gunman Brendan Sloan (also a member of Dumbsaint), whom I follow on Facebook. And so this year I invited him to share with us (and you) his year-end list of favorite releases. He has chosen a Top 17 (plus a list of EPs, splits, and Honorable Mentions), and they aren’t all metal, but they are all interesting. He went further and hand-picked individual songs from each release as examples, and I’ve embedded streams of them within his list. So settle in for some good reading and some good listening.


The last few years I’ve been the most clever person of all time and listed a “top 14 of 14, 15 of 15, 16 of 16”, but this year is genuinely the only one where I’ve struggled to actually pare it down. 2017 has been a monster year for music, and here are the reasons why.




  1. Deafcult – Auras (Hobbledehoy)

Do you want to know how to make an album with four simultaneous guitar players? Or a great one in a genre in which everything gets endlessly compared to My Bloody Valentine? Because this is how you do both of those things. Takes the pedalboard worship from the self-titled EP and trims it all down into a lovely dream pop album caked in marzipan fuzz and soaked in reverb.





  1. Black Cilice – Banished From Time (Iron Bonehead)

I’m not sure how I found this, but it has rustled the same jimmies that Xasthur once did for me with Telepathic…. At times completely incoherent and buried in white noise, but a rewarding listen through the static. Compelling and evocative one-man Black Metal recorded on a lemon, in a cupboard, but all the better for it. Expresses a lot with very little.





  1. american – Violate And Control (Sentient Ruin)

Mattia & Sentient Ruin dominated my listening this year, and this album is the first entrant. There once was a great noisy grindcore band called Knelt Rote, and I was worried that I’d never hear anything as perfectly synergistic again after their activity slowed. I was wrong. This is everything I’ve wanted and more. Certainly more Black Metal than the Deathgrind that Knelt Rote would ultimately mete out, but nevertheless a powerful utterance and an immensely satisfying replacement.





  1. Hell – Hell IV (Self/Sentient Ruin)

This was ~almost~ the heaviest album of the year, and on certain days it still is. MSW has delivered the performances of his career on this one. Incredible effort. A specific stand-out is the variety in rhythm given to the drums; they take this from being another low and slow doom album into something truly captivating (wait for 2m50 onward in the below track). Oh also the guitars are the biggest thing since Thou’s Heathen.





  1. Violents & Monica Martin – Awake And Pretty Much Sober (Self-released)

And now for something completely different. This one is flawless. Monica Martin is unbelievable; from her breathy timbre and precise vibrato down to her note choice. Bonobo meets Morcheeba meets Debussy. If you are a false, please entry. Staggeringly beautiful album if you’re not boxed in by kvlt. Albums like this inspire my own music a lot more than most; TEXTURE.





  1. Phrenelith – Desolate Endscape (Self, Dark Descent)

You’ve been soothed by the above, so let’s go ahead and murk the place back up again shall we? Phrenelith released a split with Spectral Voice a little while ago, and from that moment I knew the race was on for a debut album. Phrenelith won. A bellicose slab of winding, gurgling death metal augmented by skillful beat displacement and dynamic tempo. Engaging and infinitely replayable. Remember Funebrarum? Not after this.





  1. Florist – If Blue Could Be Happiness (Double Double Whammy)

BACK ON THAT WEAK SHIT. Florist released a pretty devastating album that I enjoyed a lot (The Birds Outside Sang), and I was chuffed to learn there was another one this year. Listened to it wandering rainy streets in Melbourne, carrying guitar gear on zero sleep and it hit me like a truck. It’s like the physical effort required to make and perform this was so low, but the emotional effort so high? I don’t know. Skip it if you can’t get into sad girl folk, but I stand by my ranking. An emotionally crushing record. Mount Eerie would be on here instead if this didn’t do something else inexpressible.





  1. Planning For Burial – Below The House (The Flenser)

Comparisons to Jesu are inevitable but also unfair, IMO. Thom is on his own shit, and Below The House is the best thing he has ever done by far. Loose and languid with a grandiose impact courtesy of layered guitars and diffuse vocals. If Conqueror wasn’t so robotic, you’d get this. It’s much better than Conqueror though, I think.





  1. Succumb – Succumb (The Flenser)

Incredibly strong debut flying out of fucking nowhere. Cut from the same riff cloth as Flourishing and Pyrrhon, but with a melodic sense and space closer to something like Ludicra or even Ved Buens Ende. A really confounding listening experience, in no small part thanks to Cheri’s ghoulish howls floating over the razor-tight complexity beneath. You might be put off by her initially, but she’s vital to the totality and utterly without comparison. An album like no other this year, or many other years.





  1. Chaos Moon – Eschaton Memoire (Blood Music)

When Alex brought this project back to life a few years ago with the stellar Resurrection Extract and subsequent Amissum, it was only a matter of time before he flipped the whole apple cart again. Eschaton Memoire sees the return of my boy Eric Baker (Manetheren, Conqbine) on vocals, and a fleshing out of the line-up to include the brothers Blackburn. Strongest album since Languour… and a swirling, amorphous, esoteric yardstick for Black Metal in 201X.





  1. Cloakroom – Time Well (Relapse)

If asked to describe Cloakroom in a word, it would be “forlorn”. Mid-western, mid-tempo, shoegazey, sad sludgy rock songs with an earnest and mournful Doyle Martin on vocals. The most unique chords in the game, big fat Neurosis drums, and a continuation of the niche they’ve cut on Further Out (which I love dearly). Much like Deafcult, there’s a molasses of fuzz to wade through here, but nothing is lost and everything is gained.





  1. The Clearing Path – Watershed Between Firmament And The Realm Of Hyperborea (I, Voidhanger)

I’m going to paraphrase something I’ve said earlier: Hooo boyyy we’ve got one here. Gabriele has made one of my favourite-ever Black Metal releases (again). Unique sense of harmony, masterful leit-motif, deceptively complex and frantic song structures, richly textured and truly profound music. This is more than Black Metal, it’s an etude. A distillation of all that he has learned as a student of music. It’s beautiful. He’s four years my junior, so nobody should ever be listening to what I’m trying to do instead of this. Yes, that’s a harmoniser on the guitars.





  1. ENDON – Through The Mirror (Daymare, Hydrahead)

ENDON are unique in every sense of the word. That’s tough to say about a band in extreme music, but they’re the real deal. Through The Mirror is a little more focused than MAMA, but all the calling cards are still present. Paint-stripping noise courtesy of Taro and his ridiculous pedals (MASF, look him up) and straight-up horrific vocals from Taichi fight for dominance over a clamour of blasting, d-beats, post-hardcore, and black metal. Don’t let your jaw drop too far, you might hurt your chin.





  1. Ascended Dead – Abhorrent Manifestation (Invictus)

It’s not every day you hear an album and feel like you’re being fucking cursed. This album hates you. “War Metal” through the lens of mid-era Death and Cannibal Corpse at tempos that defy belief. The best death metal album of the year hands down, and side by side with Diocletian on the War Metal throne. Nothing I can say here will surpass the first 20 seconds of the track below.





  1. Krallice – Go Be Forgotten (Self, Profound Lore, Gilead)

I just…. How the fuck? How do you keep peaking? Album after album, stronger than the last. The last two saw Krallice lost in their mutual penchant for linear compositions (Behold… the Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, Astomatous, and Barr’s Ocrillim all obviously collide), and while great I was left with an unmet itch for the motif worship of the initial triad (S/T, Bleedthrough, and Diotima are all products of the same writing session). It’s back on this one, and Colin brought his entire synth cupboard with him. I absolutely adore this band, there’s no hyperbole sufficient. Just fucking masters and totally out of reach. They even gave us a little Barr solo nod to way back. Perfection.





  1. Pyrrhon – What Passes For Survival (Willowtip/Throatruiner)

What passes for a blurb? Dylan doesn’t play guitar by the same logic as anyone else on earth, and somehow Schwegs and Erik are able to interpret and respond appropriately to what he’s doing. Every single movement is calculated. The trademark atonal delay solos are still here, but the composition has shot to a new extreme all together. Minimally repetitive, just enough to fool you into thinking you know the direction you’re pointing.  An oppressive, obscure and borderline unfollowable experience that winds its way around you like a net. You’re supposed to be confused and miserable, and Doug is there to tell you all about why with the vocal performance of the century. If you thought Car Bomb were difficult, get fucking ready. This is a band that knows exactly what they want to do, and how they want to do it, and they don’t give a fuck about you or I. Huge respect for this band and a massive source of inspiration for me for all these years. Occupied the top spot all year, until….





  1. Primitive Man – Caustic (Relapse)

You ever hear something so astonishing that you just laugh? Twice in my life, and both times Primitive Man have been responsible. I laid on the floor to listen to this at around 11pm, instead of turning in after a long day, and by the end of it’s 80-something minutes I felt like I’d been squashed into a paste and could barely get up. Everything hurt, and that’s exactly what Ethan wants. Everything is pushed further than it’s ever been; the technicality and intensity of Ethan’s guitars, the rawness of his voice, the size of the snare drum, and THE FUCKING  B A S S . If you pay attention to any one thing when you listen to this, it should be Campos. I’m aghast at what he achieved here.

Put on some headphones, turn everything up louder than you think is necessary, and experience the weirdest smile of your life as the light is ripped from your life. Primitive Man are the heaviest band on earth, and this is the best album of 2017.






EPs, Splits, and Honorable Mentions:

Enslaved – E (Nuclear Blast) – 26 years and still making engaging and transformative music. This could be the strongest one since Ruun. See: “The River’s Mouth”.

Impalers – Cellar Dweller (Static Shock) – Absolute fucking rager of a release but it’s too short to be up top, I think.

Graveir / Mar Mortuum split 7″ (Impure Sounds)Mar Mortuum’s side is particularly incredible, and shows where both bands are headed. STRONK.

Hexis – XII (Self, Truth Seeker, Holy Roar, Moment Of Collapse…) – Inhumanly heavy. Better than Tando Ashanti tbh. Possibly best EP of the entire year that isn’t…

Krallice – Loüm (Self, GIlead, Profound Lore) – !!!!!!!! Only here because I like GBF just a fraction more. 100% untouchable kings of Metal. Fight me about it, you’ll lose.

Mind Mold – S/T EP (Sentient Ruin) – If this were twice as long it’d be in the top five.

Greytomb – A Monumental Macrocosm (Transcending Obscurity) – Would be up there but I’ve worn it out learning it, and also bias, heh. Magur’s vocals are A++++

Spectral Voice – Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing – Didn’t like it as much as Bloodcantation and crushed by Phrenelith tbh, but the vocals are AMAZING.

Somnium Nox – Terra Inanis (Transcending Obscurity) – Again, m8s bias.

Blut Aus Nord – Deus Salutis Meae (Debemur Morti) – Amazing but nobody needs to be told that. Also wasn’t really surprising or groundbreaking in any way, just great. BAN have to do more than just be great to get back into a list like this IMO.

Entheogen – Without Void, Nor Self (Fallen Empire) – Alex Poole and Blackburn brothers AGAIN, but this time with Brad from Haunter on bass, and Alex himself on vocals. This is easily as good as Chaos Moon from a composition standpoint, but Alex doesn’t get two spots on this list. That’s greedy.


  1. Great list. Very diverse and even, this compilation. I am so happy that you have that Ascended Dead album on there because no other list that I’ve seen so far (on any website) does! It’s insanely good. I am curious, given your tastes, that you didn’t list the The Ominous Circle record from this year. You must have heard it…what are your thoughts? I think it’s brilliant and right up there with the best extreme metal from this year.

  2. horrible lists this year by NCS

    • Thanks for dropping by with your supportive comments. If you can make room in your schedule there are some more lists you haven’t yet said are horrible (only two so far). I know people who see those other lists would also benefit from your insights.

      • I’ve found something new and worthwhile that I’d missed on every single list posted. For this one it is the Deafcult. Keep the lists coming.

    • I notice you’re not exactly jumping into the conversation to tell everyone what your picks were…

      …so, put up or shut up, dweeb.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. That Violents record is pretty good, hey?

    • Is this another of Andy Synn’s ongoing troll jokes?
      Pretty sure this ‘richard’ character (we’ll call him ‘dick’ for short) has been here every year for these lists dropping this same, hot as fucking fire, comment.


  4. There’s a few on here I definitely enjoyed. Black Cilice and Chaos Moon nearly made my list as well

  5. A thinking man’s extreme metal list. I must say, it is challenging and wonderful. I appreciate it!

  6. You said Flourishing. I thought i misread it or it was a typo but it wasn’t. Fuck if it doesn’t sound like one of my favorites metal records!. Succumb is phenomenal!

    • Nope: I absolutely love Flourishing. So much that after years destitute I found Eric and hassled him for an LP of Fossils! So great. New one in 2 years or something? Has to be a joke, though.

  7. Eclectic, excellent list. I need to give Succumb another chance.

  8. There is always one release i have a hard time understanding what the hell people see in it. This year 2 just keep showing up, Pyrrhon and Bell Witch. I’m a musician, love spiky dissonance and modern Orchestral music, some 12 tone stuff, the free tonal period of Berg and Webern…polyrhythmic and polytonal Stravinsky…and Pyrrhon is utter garbage, even for extreme metal. It’s sounds like an exercise in “Let me play guitar without ever making any real point, no construction, no melody no nothing. It sounds like a beginner could do the same thing. Horrible. And Bell Witch? 80 minutes of Fuzz Bass and Drums that does nothing, goes nowhere. BORING, horribly so. There you are, my little rant about stuff i just cannot understand, like old Darkthrone, Jute Gyte, Funeral Doom, Top 40 music, Mexican music, Rap…

    • That’s fair enough, honestly. It’s not a bad thing that you feel that way, it just makes me sad that you don’t hear it the way I do. It’s not at all aimless or haphazard to my ears, especially when put in context of what they’ve been doing since they began. I find it to be a very synergistic whole; none of them could exist as players without the others. Even what Doug and Stephen do as Seputus and Weeping Sores is completely separate from Pyrrhon. Nothing Doug says on WPFS would be as meaningful with a different underpinning, I think. That’s what makes WPFS so great. It’s completely without comparison, and firm in its intent as art even in its exclusions. Abstruse to a fault, but rewards the digging that it denies on the surface.

      Then again, I could be full of shit 😛

      I also like some funeral doom sometimes (Esoteric, Lychate, Bell Witch, Khanate maybe?) and I have a huuuuuuge hip hop and rap collection (Billy Woods, Open Mike Eagle and Lil Ugly Mane all topped that this year), so I don’t hold it against you at all.

  9. That is one seriously f*cked up Primitive Man video. Awesome album. though.

  10. Also if you like the Black Cilice album (as I do) you may want to check out the latest Neige Morte album/EP. Different in many ways, but with a similar sick appeal.

  11. Oh yes, finally some recognition and love for Succumb. I absolutely loved every single second of that album, and even though there were a lot of heavy hitters released this year, I’d say it’s my favorite.

  12. Great list, some stuff I already loved and some stuff I hadn’t yet given a listen. Thanks foe including some non-metal titles. And I gotta say that I, too, feel sad for people who don’t hear Pyrrhon the way some of us do. Every time I listen to that album it is such an emotional, visceral experience that I wind up re-attaching my jaw to my face and muttering, “what…what the fuck just happened to me…?” Which is totally what I want from extreme music. I’m not a musician by any means, and certainly personal reactions are always legit, but music for me is so much more about heart than chops–although I suspect those guys are actually next-level musicians and everyone who misses that is hung up on demanding something they just don’t care to offer.

  13. Black Cilice. I’m dumbfounded by the props this album gets! I’ve tried two separate times to “get it” and find it complete garbage. Really hated it, and the album cover rips off Taake too which also scores negative points. So wildly overrated!

    • a couple black metal releases from this year that kick the shit out of it:
      Cainan Dawn
      Flagellum Dei
      Fhoi Myore
      Whoredom Rife
      Battle Dagorath
      Frozen Graves
      Nocturnal Triumph
      etc, etc, etc, etc…

  14. There’s been so much to listen to this year, that I’ve yet to listen to Primitive Man. I need to check them out.

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