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Our LISTMANIA 2017 series isn’t over yet, though it will be soon. I have five more lists to publish for sure, and I hope a sixth one I’m eager to see will arrive soon, but we should be finished during this coming week. And I’ll also begin rolling out my list of 2017’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs next week as well.

But having said that, we’re also looking ahead to what 2018 will bring us… and of course a huge flood of additional releases is headed our way. We’ve been in the midst of a metal Renaissance for years now, and it shows no sign of ending.

I spent hours over the last two days assembling a list of 2018 releases (by band name) that I’m interested in, or that I think our readers would be interested in. I scrolled through our overstuffed e-mail in-box, visited label Facebook pages, conducted internet searches, and canvassed a few members of our own staff. And the result of that effort is a list of 112 albums, EPs, and splits. And almost all of them are expected to be released in just the first quarter of the year!

Still, the following list isn’t comprehensive by any means. No doubt, I’ve forgotten or overlooked a lot of things, and I intentionally didn’t include reissues. I also didn’t include releases by bands I knew nothing about; although there are some releases on the list by bands whose music I haven’t heard before, I had at least read enough about them to become intrigued.


So here’s the list — BUT, I also want to invite YOU to leave Comments identifying releases that you’re interested in, especially if you don’t see the names on my list. So please do that!


Archaic Tomb

At the Gates
Baring Teeth
Barren Earth

Blood Chalice
Caecus / Devouring Star collaborative split
Corrosion of Conformity
Crurifragium / Abysmal Lord split
Dark Buddha Rising

Daylight Dies
Deströyer 666
Dragged Into Sunlight
Druid Lord
Ekstrophë (compilation by Devouring Star, Flagellant, Arfsynd, Ibex Angel Order, Dødsengel, Chalice of Blood)
Fractal Gates
Genocide Pact

Gnaw Their Tongues
Harakiri For the Sky
Hooded Menace
Howling Sycamore
Imperial Triumphant
Infernal Coil

In Vain
Jungle Rot

L’Homme Absurde
Mammoth Grinder
Mare Cognitum
Necros Christos
Ocean of Grief

Oceans of Slumber
Of Feather and Bone
Orphaned Land
Our Place of Worship is Silence

Project Omega
Rex Demonus
Skeletal Remains

Spectral Lore / Jute Gyte Split
The Atlas Moth
The Crown

Vessel of Iniquity



  1. Really looking forward now to Necros Christos and Portal. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Can’t believe you missed Drawn & Quartered and Nucleus – at least one classic there to be sure!

  3. Augury are set to release a new album. Looking forward to that. And ritual aura!

  4. Obed Marsh
    Machine Head

    And maybe Alda, Uada, Behemoth ?

    • Wasn’t aware of new Obed Marsh or Pillorian… those will be welcome. Would also be great to see new Alda, Uada, and Behemoth if any of those come to pass this year.

  5. Are you talking about Antichrist, the Swedish thrash band?

    That came out in June of 2017

  6. Don´t forget:

    7H-Target — Napalm Death — Lychgate — Abominable Putridity — Voidspawn — Lividity — Pig Destroyer — Mass Infection (with Giulio Galati (Hideous Divinity) on drums 🙂

    Potential Releases from: Disgorge — Monstrosity — Behemoth — Primordial — Deeds Of Flesh.

    Cheers to everyone!

  7. Don’t drop the ball on Dagon (an article on NCS years ago made me a fan!) – the Kickstarter covered a few months ago was successful, and the new album drops at the end of January.

  8. Looks like I’m sticking with my local scene this year strictly… Only Panopticon on that whole list…

  9. So far I’m hearing rumblings of new:
    Sulphur Aeon
    Sonne Adam
    Innumerable Forms
    Negative Plane

    Going to have to see if any of those actually get released

    Really pumped to hear that Taphos full length!

  10. Misery Index has to be this year right?
    At The Gates will likely be later this year too, since they’ve been providing studio updates and just said they’re done there.

  11. I’m hoping Coroner release a new album this year, I know they’ve been composing new material although I have no idea when they plan to enter the studio. As mentioned in other comments Napalm Death will probably drop something next year, as are Hypocrisy and Nile judging by their recent Facebook activity.

    Naglfar is writing new stuff too, they’ve posted a couple of videos on their Facebook page from the studio. I’m hopeful 2018 will also finally see the release of that follow up to Slaughtersun (Crowning of the Triarchy) that Dawn have been working on for the past two decades or so.

    Wiegedood signed to Century Media a few months ago and according to the press release they’re in the studio writing the third part of the De Doden Hebben het Goed trilogy which apparently has a Spring 2018 release date although I’m guessing it might be pushed back a couple of months.

    Omnium Gatherum and Kalmah are both releasing albums this year as well. There’s going to be a new Vallendusk album out as well, they recently premiered a new song called Coronation a week or so ago which you might want to include in a future Shades of Black roundup.

    There are a lot of other bands with stuff in the works that I’m forgetting,

    • Should clarify that the Napalm Death, Hypocrisy, and Nile albums are all coming out in 2018 most likely, apparently my brain still thinks it’s 2017.

      • Amorphis are in the studio finishing up the recordings for the follow up to Under The Red Cloud. I believe Andy Marshall is also starting to demo stuff for a new Saor album too.

        • All of these are great additions. Thanks.

          • I also just remembered that Sojourner have a new album coming out, it’s being mixed and mastered by Øystein G. Brun from Borknagar. I don’t think you covered them back when they released Empires of Ash in 2016 (which was one of my favourite releases of that year) so I hope you might cover their new material.

  12. There’s also a new My Dying Bride album coming this year, I just remembered they Aaron Stainthorpe mentioned it in a post he made a few months ago. Obscura should also have a new album out, And apparently according to a recent issue of Decibel Magazine, Ihsahn, Gatecreeper, and Obscura are all working on new material (in the case of Obscura they were in the studio with V Santura from October to December 2017 (from a photo they posted from the same Decibel issue on Facebook), so I’m assuming the follow up to Akroasis is definitely coming out in 2018.

  13. Also aren’t Virvum lining up for late 2018 since they signed?

    • Yes, good call. There’s a post on their FB page from last August that includes these words: “Meanwhile, we have started working on new material which Season of Mist will unleash upon you once finished. Stay tuned, because that could be rather sooner than later!”

  14. Pictura Poesis is going to release a new EP this year! Symphonic Deathmetal, Female-fronted (brutal vocals)

  15. New albums from the following to be added:



  16. Let’s see, Abysmal Dawn are recording right now. Plus new Thou. Mutilation Rites. New Fluisteraars or Nechochwen perhaps? Lots more I’m sure.

  17. Aegaeon
    Cognizance (might be a full album this time?)
    Concealment (they’re doing a split with starkweather and also are working on a full length)
    Ur Draugr

  18. Scorched
    Human Serpent

    • Damn, I now remember I knew that something new would be coming from Scorched. Didn’t know about new Fetid or Human Serpent. But I think the Mortiferum is a reissue, which is why I didn’t include it.

  19. Evoken?

  20. Grave Upheaval’s second album is dropping sometime around March/April confirmed by NWN.

  21. Nice to see Mystagos made the list! I personally can’t wait for the Balmog and Hooded Menace stuff.

  22. I managed to overlook three promising forthcoming releases by Transcending Obscurity: Towards Atlantis Lights, Arkheth, and Et Moriemur.

  23. I’m no good at mapping forthcoming stuff, but there’s a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon.
    Here’s a few additions that I know of:

    Abigor – Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition)
    Borgne – ∞
    Mare – The Ebony Tower
    Mephorash – The Third Woe

    (Also, Infestum’s new Les Rites De Passage, but it’s been released already.)

    • All worthy additions. I would have certainly included the new Abigor album, except for the fact that as a result of leaks on pirate sites, Avantgarde Music was compelled to release the album digitally on January 3, before I published this post… and so it was no longer “forthcoming” in a strict sense, despite the fact that the physical releases are not yet available.

  24. Portal is definitely my most anticipated from this list 🙂

  25. Faal – Desolate Grief
    Dimmu Borgir – Interdimensional Summit
    Inhibitions – La Danse Macabre
    Abysmal Grief – Blasphema Secta
    Therion – Beloved Antichrist
    Carcass – new album
    Megadeath – new album

  26. Horrendous, Khemmis and the lesser known Apocrophex

  27. Also its looking likely that Defecrator may have a full length up their sleeves this year.

  28. Necronautical have also mentioned they aim to have one out by late 2018, which seems like a bit of a tight press since they mentioned they start with drums in April, but you could probably aim for a nov/december release on that schedule.

    Maybe I can will a Man Must Die release into existence since thy seem to be more active live now. Its been almost five years since Peace Was Never An Option.

    • Also, Centinex put something up back in October about potentially having a new 2018 disc. Volturyon may have a 2018 one out as well, since they don’t share the same vocalist anymore.

    • That’s not that tight a schedule.

      We’re set to release album #2 at the start of October. Plan is to finish writing by mid-March, spend a month-ish tweaking and refining, then record May/June, and send out to press in July.

      THAT’S a tight schedule. Thankfully we’ve got 5 songs pretty much done already.

      • I’m just so used to bands recording a disc and then having to sit on it forever that I basically give everything a six month lead off time, especially once you have merch, artwork, PR machines to spin up and such. Not to break the image but its like when bands post videos of themselves in the studio, or they claim they’ve just entered but its clear that the whole things been done for months already.

        Also before I forget, wouldn’t be shocked to start hearing from Cattle Decapitation towards the back half of this year. Anthropocene was a 2015 release.

  29. It’s amazing how much is headed our way. I knew my list wasn’t comprehensive, but I didn’t realize until seeing all the comments how much stuff I missed or forgot about. And if 11 months from now we looked back at both the list and the comments, we’d see that we still only scratched the surface of what the year finally brought.

  30. Holy Vehm (the metal aspect of Trey Spruance’s Secret Chiefs 3)

  31. Agrypnie started recording a new album last Summer. Yearning for a 2018 release! Even if 2 long involved musicians had parted ways with the bands during the process…

  32. Guess Agrypnie will manage to release its new album this year

  33. New Drudkh just announced. Also expecting albums from Primordial, Cruachan and Vreid.

  34. Rimfrost are recording at the moment, I’m really looking forward to their next album.

  35. Numenorean will start the recording of their second full lengh in 3 weeks. Enough time to a release before the end of the year!

  36. Thanks Islander and all others to have this thread become my place to go to as a library for new releases. After last year’s crazy amount of releases I liked a lot, and the raid on my wallet as well, I thought this year might slow down. It will not. That is a good thing!

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