Jan 192018


I don’t have any special insight into what Slumlord had in mind when they named their new album Preview of Hell, but I’ll make a guess that they were talking about life in the here and now. At a minimum, they sure bring the hell with their music.

Preview of Hell is set for release on March 7th, and today we have our own preview of their brand of metallic hardcore hell through the premiere of Slumlord’s video for a track named “Patiently Waiting“.

There isn’t anything patient about the song, and these Canadians from Edmonton don’t sound like they’re waiting for anything either. It’s a take-no-prisoners onslaught of pure fury in which Slumlord mix blazing drumwork and heavy, harrowing chords; brute-force, stop-start jolts and ravaging riffs; vocals that are raw and rampant in their uncut rage; and a breakdown that’s hard enough to cause severe neck trauma.

On top of that, the well-produced video captures the undiluted vehemence of the band’s performance, and tells a grim tale at the same time.

So get ready for a punishing but electrifying experience. And for further info about how to obtain the album, watch these spaces:






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