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A big brainless chunk of the internet seems to be losing its mind over Elon Musk’s new $500 flamethrower. Save your money. If you want to scorch yourself or blister someone else, just pick up Hammr’s debut album. It costs much less, it’s even more hellish, and unlike that flamethrower novelty, it won’t wear out its appeal after the first week (or the first visit to the ER).

The completely spot-on name of the album is Unholy Destruction, and it will be released by Hells Headbangers in a variety of formats on February 23rd. A couple of incinerating tracks have already appeared (one of which caused me to froth at the mouth over here), and we’ve got a third red-hot offering from the record for you today. This track, also brandishing a spot-on title, is “Sadistic Poison“.



The solo project of Cleveland’s J. Hammer, Hammr didn’t require much time to become a name worth remembering, thanks to a 2014 demos album, a self-titled EP in 2015, and the Into the Pentagram single in 2016. What Hammr delivers is full-force “satanic speed metal” — a combination (as J. Hammer says) of “fast speed metal riffing with D-beat drums and relentless arrangements”. And Hammr also benefits from pyrotechnical soloing thanks to Midnight’s Commander Vanik, who also mixed this new album (with the mastering handled by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind).

Sadistic Poison” is a prime example of Hammr’s diabolical fusion of ingredients stemming from speed metal, thrash, black metal, and punk. It’s high-speed, highly addictive, and highly headbang-able. Thanks to a big clanging bass and head-battering drumwork, it’s got a gassed-up, compulsive drivetrain, and Hammer’s wild, echoing vocal vituperation just adds to the song’s raw and ripping demeanor. The soloing, perhaps needless to say, is also smoking hot.


Hells Headbangers is offering Unholy Destruction on vinyl, CD, cassette, and as a digital download, and you can put in your pre-order right now via the link below. After the links you’ll find our premiere along with streams of those two previously released tracks, “Satanic Raid” and “Under Black Command“.







  1. I confess I was lured in by the mention of a flamethrower (Whoohoo! Fire! Fire! ), but it paid off when I listened to the tracks. Awesome! Especially “Satanic Raid” 🙂

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