Apr 032018


Utburd is the alter ego of Vitaly “Tuor” Goryunov from the city of Olenegorsk in the Murmansk region of Russia. For his second album under the Utburd name (and the third release overall), Tuor has turned his imagination to visions of Lovecraftian horror and employed the techniques of atmospheric black metal to spur the imaginations of listeners. Featuring appropriately frightful cover art and booklet design by Paint-It-Black, the new hour-long album is named The Horrors Untold, and it will be released on the 15th of April by Satanath Records.

One song from the new album (“Death From Mount Tempest”) has been previously revealed, and today we present a second one, with a name similar to that of the album itself:  “The Horror Untold“.


photo by Kirill Tatarintsev


For 11 1/2 minutes, Utburd conjures nightmarish visions through changing soundscapes of monstrous roars; livid shrieks; solemn intonations; cold, heartless riffs and fiery, head-moving ones; eerie swirling and echoing melodic accents; and plundering bass-and-drum rhythms. The music stalks and stomps, groans and drags, shimmers like cold mist under the moonlight, and explodes in ravaging assaults.

The song evokes oppressive feelings of dread and unavoidable doom, as well as frightening madness and otherworldly violence. Heavy, mystical, and ripping — it’s all of those things, and a fitting reflection of its dire inspirations.


Enjoy “The Horror Untold“, as well as a stream of the previously release track “Death From Mount Tempest” (which is a free download at Bandcamp).

01. Rise Of Dagon
02. The Mystery Of Joseph Karven
03. Death From Mount Tempest
04. Pikman’s Triumph
05. The Horror Untold
06. He, Who Paint In Red
07. Waiting For Death Is Worse
08. He, Who Paint In Red (Instrumental Demo 2016) [bonus track]
Length – 58:27






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