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The Peruvian band Fervent Hate launched their recording career with a 2013 album named Roads Of Insanity and followed that with a 2015 EP entitled Diablo. But I missed both of those, and so I had no expectations when I first encountered their new album Tales Of Hate, Lust And Chaos, other than the recommendation of Satanath Records that it would please fans of Entombed, Illdisposed, Grave, Dismember, At The Gates, and Gorefest — and that it was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö.

Of course, for this listener those were all very enticing names, but even so, large questions remained. Many bands have chosen to toil in the fields furrowed by those groups, but not all have been successful in bringing forth the kind of abominable new growth that would feed and satiate the endless hunger of their many fans. How have those questions been answered by Fervent Hate?



You will judge for yourselves, but my own judgment is that their new album is a resounding success. As proof, I offer the track we’re premiering today, the name of which is “Evil Twins“.

The success of this particular song can be measured in different ways. It is massively and menacingly powerful; it succeeds in creating an atmosphere that’s brooding, sinister, and even infernally majestic; and at its core there are alluring melodies that prove to have lasting value.


The production of the sound generates titanic force, but also blade-sharp clarity when it counts. Fans of the old Swedish death metal will salivate over the enormous, toxic vibrations of the guitar tone, the inherently morbid bass sound, and the explosive force of the drumwork, and the huge, roaring voice vividly channels flame and fury.

At first, and again later, the pace of the music is a lurching stomp, but the pace also changes as the drummer begins to batter and bludgeon, and the riffing begins to whir and seethe. As gruesome and dismal as the music is, there’s a riff in the song that sounds like a devilish fanfare, and the track also rises to a hell of an incendiary crescendo at the end, thanks to an extended guitar solo that swirls, boils, and soars.


You’ll be able to get a further taste of Fervent Hate’s talents through a previously released song, “Last Night Of Pleasure“, which we’re also including here, and which is available as a free download at Bandcamp.

Tales Of Hate, Lust And Chaos will be released on April 16 by the Russian labels Satanath Records and More Hate Productions. Here’s the track list, a pre-order link, and then the monstrous music streams:

01. Evil Twins
02. ‎Death Is Written By Itself
03. Ten Inches Of Love
04. Last Night Of Pleasure
05. Mrs. Piggy
06. Left Iron Fist
07. Confessions
08. The Possibility Of All Possibilities‎
09. Rotten Crop‎
10. Disinfection Aid
Length – 40:24







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