Apr 132018


Vomitile hail from the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus, which they’ve turned into ground zero for their own detonations of hard-charging, war-like death metal since 2007. Over the last decade they’ve released an EP and two full-lengths and performed live with such blood-thirsty luminaries as Sodom, Kreator, Obituary, and Vader, and toured with the likes of Master and Onslaught. Now they’ve got a third album — Pure Eternal Hate — ready for imminent discharge via Satanath Records and the Spanish label Hecatombe Records. It will be upon us on April 18th, but today we’ve got a sample of the punishment it will deliver through our premiere of a lyric video for one of the new songs.

Vomitile have a taste for thrash as well as eviscerating death metal, and so this new song, “Labeled Dead” is a high-octane ripper that gets the blood pumping and the body moving.



The music is fast and explosive, but machine-precise in its delivery of annihilating barbarism. It rushes ahead like an accelerated tank attack right from the start, delivering a mix of seething, jolting, and rapidly darting riffs, plus fusillades of galloping, hammering, and bullet-spraying drumwork. Thunderous bass lines add to the spinal trauma inflicted by the track, while the growled vocals are downright rabid in their viciousness.

It’s a compact attack that Vomitile launch in this song, but nonetheless one that’s very effective in putting the spurs to the listener’s pulse rate.


Pre-order links are below, and we’ve included the stream of a second track, “Carnal Surgery” (which is a free download at Bandcamp) along with our own premiere of the video for “Labeled Dead“.

01. Mass Extermination
02. Pestilation
03. Labeled Dead
04. HateField
05. Glorify The Insane
06. Executioner Of Strength
07. To Deflesh
08. Nothing But Pain
09. Soulskinner
10. Carnal Surgery
Length – 36:46







  1. two thumbs the fuck up

  2. maybe the band should rethink a lyric video release. a retarded third grader can probably write something a little better.

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