Apr 132018


Vomitile hail from the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus, which they’ve turned into ground zero for their own detonations of hard-charging, war-like death metal since 2007. Over the last decade they’ve released an EP and two full-lengths and performed live with such blood-thirsty luminaries as Sodom, Kreator, Obituary, and Vader, and toured with the likes of Master and Onslaught. Now they’ve got a third album — Pure Eternal Hate — ready for imminent discharge via Satanath Records and the Spanish label Hecatombe Records. It will be upon us on April 18th, but today we’ve got a sample of the punishment it will deliver through our premiere of a lyric video for one of the new songs.

Vomitile have a taste for thrash as well as eviscerating death metal, and so this new song, “Labeled Dead” is a high-octane ripper that gets the blood pumping and the body moving. Continue reading »