May 122018


One of my friend Andy’s objectives in launching our Saturday Waxing Lyrical series (the new edition of which is here) was to make it possible for me not to worry about coming up with something to post on Saturdays. I get to party on Friday nights, sleep in on Saturday mornings, and loll around like a walrus in penguin shit for hours after waking.

So I’m sort of defeating the purpose of Andy’s generous gesture by doing this post… but only sort of. I couldn’t resist throwing these brand-new hell-blazing tracks and videos at you because I had so much fun listening to and watching them yesterday and this morning, but I’m not going to take the time to explain what happens in the songs or why I like them so much. I’ll just give some basic info and let you have at it.

There’s some good geographic dispersion in this collection, as well as a lot of enviable talent on display. Also, if you happen to have some asbestos underoos, you might want to pull those on to protect your nether regions.

P.S. Please feel extra-welcome to leave your own reactions to these songs in the Comments since I’m not leaving any of my own, other than the generalized rabid frothing at the mouth above.





Homeland: Norway
Song: “Northern Chaos Gods”
Album: Northern Chaos Gods
Release Date: July 6










Homeland: Brazil
Song: “Kill the Silence”
Album: Downfall of Mankind
Release Date: June 1










Homeland: Algeria
Song: “Ignis Fatuus”
Album: Alif
Release Date: June 15












Homeland: New Zealand
Song: “Kai Tangata.”
Release Date: June 1











Homeland: South Korea
Song: “At the Edge of Cliff”
Album: Chanting For The Fallen
Release Date: July 15












Homeland: Italy
Song: “Jinx”
EP: Take Their Heads
Release Date: July 1, 2017



  1. I can’t believe how good the Immortal is. Is Demonaz playing guitar again? I was under the impression his previous injury prevented him from playing this type of music.

    • To quote from Nuclear Blast’s press release:

      “The line-up on the album is:
      Demonaz (vocals, guitars)
      Horgh (drums)
      Peter Tägtgren (session bass)”

  2. “loll[ing] around like a walrus in penguin shit”
    new subheader? 😛

  3. What a post! It’s going to take a few more listens to be sure, but I think more than one of these are going to make my personal Infectious list this year. I wasn’t expecting that from Immortal at this point either. Great stuff. Those kids from New Zealand know how to write catchy riffs. And the Maori just works. Really fun thrash from Nervosa and Sahon. Just a great post.

    • Thanks! A bunch of these are on my list too.

    • Yeah agreed. By most metrics that should have been pretty bog-standard nü metal, but the Maori, plus the ‘soaring’… *ahem*… clean singing really turned it into a real earworm.

      • Damn it’s great seeing how these guys are growing, I wasn’t expecting that more laid back, clean singing chorus but it really fits the song. Can’t wait to hear the full album, I’d forgotten I’d gone in on the Kickstarter until I got an email about it today – bonus!

  4. The new Immortal-song is surprisingly good, depending on the rest of the album this might out-triumph Abbath.

    Nervosa is really cool thrash, good vocals.

  5. Whoohooooo, new Nervosa!! 😀 \m/

  6. Wow… Immortal… coming on strong, sounding like they are still fighting Battles In the North.
    I guess things in Blashyrkh are “as per usual”.

    Thanks be to glob.

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