May 252018


The Campo Verano is a famous cemetery in Rome whose origins date back to the early 19th century, and includes catacombs that are far older. With the old burial site in mind, the Italian death/grind band Verano’s Dogs chose their name as a way of linking their music to death and to age-old traditions in which great hounds have guarded the land of the dead or ushered perished souls into the afterworld.

Consistent with this conception, Summoning The Hounds is the title of the band’s debut album, which will be released on June 15th by Metal Age Productions. Two singles have been released so far, and today we precent a lyric video for the third and last single prior to the album’s release. The name of this new advance track is “Deadly Whisper“.



“Deadly Whisper” is both obliterating and gruesome, strikingly savage and macabre. The band are in attack mode from the first second, launching a salvo of brutalizing drum-work, ripping riffs, and horrifying shrieks. It’s an almost overpowering assault on the senses, and although the jolting drum rhythms and the vicious riffs change over the course of the song, the intensity is unrelenting.

However, the band also bring into play the ghoulish, morbid atmosphere of death (metal) through deep, moaning, dismal leads, a brief lumbering cadence, and horrid, wolfish roars, which form a tandem with those livid banshee shrieks in the vocal department.

Prepare for a highly adrenalizing and hellish experience, and press Play below (and to add to your enjoyment, we’ve included streams of the first two singles as well.


Summoning the Hounds is available for pre-order now, both digitally and on CD. Metal Age recommends it for fans of early Death, Machetazo, early Napalm Death, Phobia, and Repulsion.










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