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Metal feeds a multitude of needs, both emotional and intellectual. At one end of the genre’s vast multidimensional spectrum, it can induce a dreamlike revery, guiding the mind in a gliding drift across astral planes. At another end of the spectrum, it can slug you in the neck and jellify the brain with explosions of chaotic savagery, playing upon our darkest fears. With the song you’re about to hear, we’re at that latter end of the span.

The song in question is “Terraces of Purgation” from Exiler, the powerful new death metal album by Construct of Lethe, which will be released on June 20 by Everlasting Spew Records. It features guest vocals by Enrico H. Di Lorenzo (Hideous Divinity). This is the second premiere from the album that it’s been our privilege to bring you, following “Rot of Augury”, and if you missed that one you’ll also have a chance to hear it at the end of this post along with the album’s first advance track, “The Clot”.



Terraces of Purgation” is a rich concoction, with a multitude of ingredients blended together in a way that simultaneously achieves multiple effects — all of them disturbing but electrifying. The drum rhythms (which are the work of Benighted’s Kévin Paradis) tumble, clatter, jolt, bolt, and boom. The music erupts in effusions of cacophonous ferocity and slows into a path through nightmarish nether realms. The vocals, which move among savage growls and shrieks as well as gruesome proclamations, add to the song’s aura of chilling hostility.

All of the ingredients work well, but what’s likely to grab listeners most vividly in this song are the numerous guitar solos. There’s an extended one early on before the vocals come in, and more lie ahead — and they all go off like fireworks, swirling, shrieking, and spiraling, both delirious and pernicious.


Everlasting Spew Records recommends Exiler for fans of Morbid Angel (F-G era), Ulcerate, Immolation, and Altars. As noted, the album will be released on June 20 in CD and digital formats. Pre-order links are below, along with the promised streams of “Terraces of Purgation”, “Rot of Augury”, and “The Clot”.

Dave Schmidt – Vocals
Tony Petrocelly – Guitars, Bass
Patrick Bonvin – Lead Guitar
Kévin Paradis – Drums


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