Jun 292018


In a musical landscape overgrown with black metal bands and sprouting new ones every week, Archgoat has remained distinctive. For those of us who have become devoted to the genre and have spent time becoming familiar with how the music began and how it has evolved over the many passing years, the name Archgoat brings to mind such adjectives as “primitive”, “hellish”, “intimidating”, “violent”, and perhaps above all else, “uncompromising”. Others have followed in their cloven-hooved footsteps, but although often imitated, it’s fair to say that in the particular way they’ve chosen to create blasphemous black metal, they haven’t been equaled.

Last September, Debemur Morti Productions released a two-song Archgoat 7″ EP amed Eternal Damnation Of Christ (which is available on Bandcamp here), created entirely by Ritual Butcherer, which powerfully presented differing manifestations of chilling cruelty and delirium. It was described as a prelude to a new full-length coming in 2018, the band’s first since 2015’s The Apocalyptic Triumphator, and now we have concrete details about that new album — the name of which is The Luciferian Crown — as well as a song from the new album that we’re helping premiere today through a lyric video: “Messiah of Pigs“.



Different musical creators have sought to summon visions of hell through sound in a multitude of ways, and even Archgoat’s music has done so through varying strategies. “Messiah of Pigs“,  however, is true to the band’s dominant image, and to the dominating voice that speaks through them: Short and to-the-point, it’s a primitive, brutish manifestation of bestial lust, cruelty, and disgust.

The lash falls and the screams of the punished launch the song, and then skull-pounding drums hammer and blast, joined by the primal pulse of the bass and the rise and fall of grim, thrusting chords as the accompaniment to croaking, crocodilian proclamations of condemnation in un-gilded terms (they praise the One who drove the nails into “the foul deceiver”, Christ; they curse “the swinish Church”; they wish its followers to rot). But at its heart, this is heavy metal (of a particularly primal, putrid, and blasphemous kind), and so “Messiah of Pigs” is also potent headbang fuel.



Guilherme Henriques prepared the lyric video for this new song. Chris Moyen created the vision of hellish worship and orgy on the cover of The Luciferian Crown; and the layout was crafted by Kontamination Design.

Debemur Morti will release the album on September 14th, and it’s available for pre-order now on special edition gatefold 12″ LP, gatefold picture 12″ LP, gatefold 12″ LP, digipack CD, and as a digital download. New merch is also available. Below you’ll find the pre-order links, the album’s track list, and of course the video for “Messiah of Pigs“.



01. Intrantation
02. Jesus Christ Father of Lies
03. Jezebels Black Mass Orgy
04. Messiah of Pigs
05. Darkness has Returned
06. Sorcery and Doom
07. Star of Darkness and Abyss
08. The Obsidian Flame (From My Depths)
09. The Luciferian Crown (Venom Of God)
10. I Am Lucifer’s Temple





  1. Best news this week!

    Fuck yeah!

  2. This sounds promising. Gonna see them in concert in a few months.

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