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The Greek black metal band Burial Hordes began working to bring their hellish visions to life in 2001, and over the 17 years since then have released three albums (with a fourth one on the horizon), along with many shorter releases. Their hate-fueled dedication to misanthropic philosophies of opposition has been unwavering, but their music has been an evolving and continuing source of intrigue, leaving us to wonder where their dark creative impulses will take their music from album to album.

The new Burial Hordes record is entitled ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ ΑΙΩΝΙΟΣ (The Termination Thesis), and it will be released by Folter Records in September of this year. One song from the album (“Thrownness and Fallenness of Being“) seized our attention when it was revealed last month, and it’s now our privilege to present another one, which is the new album’s chilling opener — “Human Condition (Isolation-Meaninglessness-Mortality)” — through an official music video.



The cadence of this new song is relatively slow or mid-paced, the cracking drum rhythms and ominous bass notes no less magnetic for that. Spectral notes ring out and swirl like mist; a febrile, flickering riff surfaces, in insidious harmony with a deeper and more perilous buzzing line; an imperious voice issues proclamations in a gruesome tone that sounds discharged from deep in the belly. The sound is hopeless, head-moving, and hypnotic.

The temptation is to close your eyes and let your imagination roam. The song simmers with sinister intent, without ever quite reaching a boil. A fever burns in the music, but never quite kills the patient. The spell has a narcotic quality, with an atmosphere akin to a frightening hallucination, or perhaps incipient madness. There’s a feeling that something terrible is looming in the shadows, and drawing closer; you can feel it in the shivering chill on the back of your neck, even if you can’t yet see what’s coming.

But even if you close your eyes the first time, keep them open the second time to watch the video, and discover where the music took the imagination of Dominic F. Marceau, who directed and edited it.


The previously released song, “Thrownness and Fallenness of Being”, which follows this newest song in the album’s running order, makes a fine match for the one we’re bringing you, drawing the listener deeper into the unearthly shadow realms that Burial Hordes are bringing to life, and so I’m including the stream of that one right after the one we’re presenting.

For further info about the release, check the links below. The fantastic cover art was created by Vergvoktre.

Burial Hordes:

Folter Records:

1) Human Condition (Isolation-Meaninglessness-Mortality) 5:16
2) Thrownness and Fallenness of Being 5:06
3) Lurk in the Shadows 5:14
4) Erkenntnis 5:49
5) Death is Omnipotent 4:48
6) From Synthesis to Aposynthesis 16:50
Part 1. Synthesis (0 – 4:16)
Part 2. Destruktion of Aletheia (4:17 – 8:02)
Part 3. Aposynthesis (8:03 – 16:50)




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