Aug 092018


(TheMadIsraeli returns to us after a hiatus with this review of the new album by Brood of Hatred, which was released on May 4th.)

I’ve returned from the abyss, and I’ve brought some artifacts from within.  Extreme metal with a melancholic slant has really been my jam this year. I loved the Barren Earth record, Horizon Ablaze delivered a titanic serving of despair and ferocity, and Obscura have released their best record to date, which incidentally in my mind also happened to be their most lamenting, melancholic release yet, while still being brutal, fast, and technical.  So, my first review returning is well… another offering on the morose melodic tilt.



Brood Of Hatred is a one-man progressive death/black metal project manned at the helm by Muhammed Melki from Tunisia, curiously enough.  His album released this year, Identity Disorder, is the first I’ve heard of his music, although he has previous material.  This is a record that, while thoroughly death and black metal in element and style, is very much an album that is doom and post- in spirit.  His music brings to mind Opeth, In Mourning, Dan Swanö’s more progressive fare, Barren Earth minus clean vocals and keyboards, and Horizon Ablaze, among many others whom I could name.

The cavernous mix really benefits Mohammed’s appropriately void-swallowed bestial roar, technical and playful drumwork, and ambient-centric wall-of-noise riffing.  The amount of ethos and vibe on the entirety of Identity Disorder is rarely channeled by bands trying to do similar approaches.  The sorrow is absolutely oppressive and all-consuming, the melodies are both full of regret and wrapped in enigma; this record is fucking sick.  I’m not gonna do any song-by-song exposition or attempt even to point out highlights. It’s a record that must be experienced as a whole.

Definitely worth checking out.  An underground highlight and a masterclass in this corner of metallic oppression.





  1. This is exceptionally good. Death-doom with progressive tendencies? A contender for 2018 year-end list, maybe.

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