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Imperial Domain


I’m in between things at the moment. Got home later than usual last night, lungs choked and eyes watering from the thick smoke shrouding the Puget Sound region all day yesterday, and the forests here aren’t even the ones burning, though they seem to be the only ones in the West that aren’t on fire (yet). I slugged a few fingers of Scotch and hit the rack without dinner, and without getting anything ready to go for NCS today.

My brother Mr. Synn tells me he’ll be sending in a Mantar review at some point this morning, TheMadIsraeli has given me a review as well that I need to get ready to go, and I have a premiere slated for later today but haven’t written it yet. I’m feeling antsy about the page just sitting here with nothing new at a time when we normally have something new, so here’s this thing for you.

As I listen to new music I make lists of things I think might go well together. Sometimes I get around to pulling them together in a round-up; more often I don’t. What you’ll find here is one such list I made a couple of weeks ago. You’ll figure out why I thought these four songs would go well together. Actually, you’ll have to figure out everything about them for yourself, because in order to get this posted before more of the morning disappears, I’m dispensing with my usual commentary. Hope you enjoy.




On August 10th, the Swedish melodic death metal band Imperial Domain (which was first formed in Uppsala back in 1994) released the following music video for a track called “The Future Is Lost” from their third album, The Deluge, which was released by Inverse Records the same day.










Marea is the name of the new album by Hitwood, the creation of Italian musician Antonio Boccellari, who wrote and performed everything except the vocals, which were contributed by four different guests — Carlos Timaure, Rikk Wolf, Laurhell, and Gary Glays. I’ve enjoyed this entire album, but have chosen only one track to recommend as a teaser, and its name is “Our Streets“.











Next up is “Enuma Elish“, a single released in July by a Turkish band named La Petite Mort, and you really have to admire a band who’ve named themselves after an expression for orgasm, or at least (as The Font of All Human Knowledge tells us) “the post-orgasmic state of unconsciousness that some people have after having some sexual experiences”.








photo credit: Mihai Anghel



And, to conclude, here’s a rancorous track from The Vermin Shrine, the debut album of Rancorum from Bucharest, Romania, which will be released at some point later this year by Loud Rage Music. This is “Voidification“:





P.S. Here were the views on my morning ferry ride to Seattle and my evening ride home yesterday:





  1. Really? They named themselves the French phrase for orgasm?

    • Well, I don’t know for sure. The Wiki article I cited refers to older meanings that did not refer to sexual experiences. For example: “The term ‘la petite mort’ does not always apply to sexual experiences. It can also be used when some undesired thing has happened to a person and has affected them so much that ‘a part of them dies inside.'”

      • The origin of this expression dates back to the sixteenth century, at the time of Ambroise Paré, who learned human anatomy and surgery on the job, whether on corpses at the hospital or on the battlefield. At that time, “the little death” meant syncope or dizziness, but also and especially nervous shivers. With regard to the short fainting, one can effectively liken it to a ‘small’ death, contrary to the ‘big’, the true, the definitive death. The lucky men who have already experienced this, know that orgasm causes, more or less fleeting, symptoms close to what was once called the phrase (the ‘big’ thrill).

        Wikipedia? GTFO! I don’t even let my students use that! At least use Wiktionnaire! si vous plait

      • Use in a sentence:

        “She can do a version of ‘Midnight Confession’ that sounds like Shirley Temple in the throes of extramarital petit-mort.”

  2. Seattle has just become an ash trey. I was at Golden Gardens last week and it was like I got snow blinded but it was just all grey

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