Oct 052018


Shades of red and black dominate the color scheme of the video we’re presenting, as the hooded, cloaked, and corpse-painted quartet in Kvlt of Eblis perform their musical conjurations, surrounded by candle smoke and skulls. This particular black spell is named “Portal Utérico“, and it’s the final track on this Colombian band’s debut album, Templo de la Serpiente Negra, which was released by Morbid Skull Records on August 31st.

As this coven of two women and two men immerse themselves in the performance of the song, it’s easy to become immersed in the sounds as well, especially when it becomes apparent that the shape of the music is changing as the minutes pass.



The song has bookends — long, wrenching shrieks that claw at your sanity, blasting drums, and a roiling riff and thrusting bass line that seem to pulsate with cold, sinister, poisonous life. In between, the music varies, as do the vocals. The hideous, flesh-stripping shrieks are joined by horrid roars — and eventually by soaring wordless song.

The music segues into a kind of skipping, rocking beat, and an almost dreamlike wistfulness emerges in the melancholy melody that accompanies the change, even as the vocalist emits sounds of terrible torment. And somewhere along the way, you might find that these interconnected segments have put hooks in your head (as they did mine).


Morbid Skull recommends the music of Kvlt of Eblis to fans of such bands as Craft, Immortal, Thy Antichrist, Darkthrone, and Pest. Templo de la Serpiente Negra is available now through the links below, and we’ve included a stream of the full album along with this new video for “Portal Utérico“.






  1. Something odd about that drum sound (regarding that snare sound on the tom at one point) in the clip w the band playing. Other than that, pretty gripping stuff

  2. The vocal style reminds me a great deal of their label-mates, Lucifera. Very nice!

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