Oct 302018


The Swedish black metal band Voodus came to unholy life under the name Jormundgang more than a decade-and-a-half ago. Following the release of several demos and an album, the band adopted Voodus as their new name, and since then have released a pair of EPs, and now a new album fittingly named Into the Wild. This new full-length will be released by Shadow Records on November 26th, and it’s our pleasure to share with you today one of the new album tracks, also fittingly named: “The Golden“.

The dynamism of the track is one of its strengths. It sears like a firebrand yet is also reflective. It mixes savagery with moodiness and majesty. And in its penetrating melodies, it becomes gloriously incandescent.



While the melodic components of the song may be the music’s most memorable aspects, there’s no denying that Voodus are also adept at channelling the ferocious hostility of Nordic black metal from the ’90s. In this track they integrate galloping and hammering snare rhythms with thrashing riffs and slashing chords, and an onslaught of unrestrained vocal barbarism. Yet the song also includes darting and swarming arpeggios and rippling tremolo lines that gleam and soar.

Moreover, a bridge of bright, mystical acoustic reverberations leads to yet another change in the rhythm and a sweeping yet dour melody. There are further acoustic accents to come, with a final surge of ascendence fueled by a fire-bright solo that really is… golden (and glorious).


Into the Wild is a mammoth album — 61 minutes in length — and Voodus have packed it with musical ideas, as well as tremendous vibrancy and power. It was produced at Necromorbus Studio, and will be released by Shadow Records (with distribution through Regain Records) on CD, LP, and cassette tape formats.

Below we’ve got “The Golden“, as well as a stream of a previously released track, “Gnothi Seauton“.





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