Dec 192018


Today — December 19thCDN Records will release Bilateral Carnage, a new 7″ vinyl split release by a pair of Canadian death metal bands, Ottawa-based Deformatory and Toronto’s Blood of Christ. Deformatory‘s brutal contribution to the split is a track called “Myiasis“, and today we present an unusual music video for the track to accompany the sonic assault.

The song is described as one that “unravels the psychosis of retribution” — dissecting “a victim’s penalty for betrayal in a sickening tale of prolonged suffering”, and it provides a preview of Deformatory‘s direction on their next album, which we’re expecting at some point in 2019.



We ourselves have previously described Deformatory‘s earlier musical attacks as uniting the traumatic impact of brutal death metal and the blazing speed and precision of technical death metal — and those qualities are rampantly displayed in this new song.

Myiasis” thunders, jolts, and ravages with barbaric savagery, and it also flies at jet speed, twisting and turning, veering and vaulting, with lunatic intensity and eye-popping dexterity. Flurries of extravagant fret-leaping and string-bending are entwined with munitions-grade percussive fusillades, skull-busting grooves, and torrents of gruesome vocal malice, as well as a pavement-cracking breakdown.

But the song includes further dimensions beyond stunning brutality and brain-whirring technical acrobatics, including a mesmerizing solo and melodic elements that give the song an atmospheric component, deepening the darkness that lives within all of it.



There are multiple components incorporated into the video, but the one that makes the most unusual impact (and fits quite well with the high-adrenaline, mind-bending energy of the music) is the footage of the band’s performance that was filmed with racing drones. You’ll see what we mean — it’s very cool.


Bilateral Carnage features eye-riveting cover art by Ardha Lepa, and it’s limited to 200 copies on 7″ vinyl. It will be Deformatory‘s last release before they begin work on their third album, projected for release in 2019.

Deformatory is:
Neil Grandy – Drums
Charlie Leduc – Lead vocals, guitar, and bass
Dan Rogers – Guitar




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