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Basilysk pull off quite a feat on the song from their new album that we’re premiering today. In the span of less than six minutes, they deliver the adrenaline rush and convulsing infectiousness of thrash, the heaviness and harshness of old school death metal, and the kind of blazing instrumental fireworks that will appeal to fans of tech-death — and then add so many other extravagant, prog-influenced embellishments that the song becomes an experience in ever-increasing, eye-popping excitement.

The song’s name is “Fire (In the Temple of Sacrifice)” and it comes from this Philadelphia-based quartet’s new album Emergence, which is set for release on February 22nd. This track follows the previous premiere of “Sinners Of Their Own Reality“, which debuted last fall at DECIBEL, and which we’ll also give you a chance to hear in case you missed it.


Photo credit: Matt Decker


Attempting to map the course of “Fire” in words is a daunting task. It truly is a display of extravagant inventive exuberance that seems to change from second to second. The turbulent drumwork clatters, booms, and somersaults, and, paired with an equally vibrant bass performance, also delivers brutalizing rhythms and head-spinning accents.

Meanwhile, twisting and turning guitar arpeggios and blaring chords lead into a flurry of rapidly changing thrashy riffing. The notes fly fast and furiously, but also transform into passages that are both sweeping and ominous in their melodic resonance. Moreover, the song includes a cornucopia of face-melting, brain-frying, pulse-boiling solos, while somehow still creating an atmospheric element that’s night-dark and savage — the savagery enhanced bv the roaring, howling, and shrieking vocal hostility.

In short, “Fire” is a hell of a thrill ride, and one that manages to be cohesive even though it’s such an intricate and constantly changing experience. It’s such a tremendous accomplishment that it ought to vault Basilysk and Emergence high up on your radar screen.


Photo credit: Matt Decker


I guess it’s obvious that I’m super-excited about this song, and as you’ll discover from that previously released track, “Sinners…“, there are plenty more thrills to be discovered in Emergence, which you can pre-order via the link below. Kudos to lead-guitarist/vocalist Josh Perrin (who also created the cover art), guitarist/backing-vocalist Luke Gary, drummer Michael Lee Churry, and bassist Jimmy Viola.






  1. Oh, this is right up my fucking alley.


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