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Gaze upon the grotesque, brain-eating monstrosity depicted in the cover art. Reflect upon the name of the album, A Culinary Cacophony, as well as some of the song titles — such amusing formulations as “Perpetual Mincing”, “Flesh Presented For Orgasmic Torment”, “Crispy Chunks of the Obese”, “The Number of the Feast”, and the delectable “Nourishment Through Excrement“, which is the track we’re presenting today.

It’s all so over-the-top that it might make you wonder just how serious Horrisonous are about what they’re doing, or conceivably might lead you to suspect that their music is some kind of gore-fetished brutal death metal.

So, let’s be clear: There is indeed a grotesque, macabre atmosphere to the brand of death metal that this Australian band have crafted, but the music is apocalyptically doomed, remorselessly destructive, and no joke at all. The fact that the line-up consists of current or former members of such bands as Temple Nightside, Backyard Mortuary, The Slow Death, Illimitable Dolor, and Pestilential Shadows might be enough to clue you in, but of course the best evidence is the music itself.



However much fun Horrisonous might have had in directing the album’s visual aesthetics or concocting the track titles and lyrics, “Nourishment Through Excrement” is a manifestation of wretchedness and catastrophe. If you were to put a radar gun on the track’s movement, most of it would be waaay below the speed limit, crawling at a dragging pace and oozing a foul rot through immense, distorted chords and a deep, guttural voice that’s as repellant as those diseased strings.

Yet your speed-tracker would also show surges of juggernaut rumbling propelled by a dismal drilling riff and punctuated by striking snare cracks and cymbal smashes, and bursts of sickening, scything assaults. The deep guttural roars transform into horrible gagging snarls and demented screams, and a crazed, shrieking solo is mad enough to raise the hackles on your neck. Definitely no joke here, but instead a crushing and horrifyingly unhinged experience.


A Culinary Cacophony follows the band’s 2016 debut EP, The Plague Doctors, and 2018’s The Plague Doctors B-Sides, which included covers of songs by Asphyx and Celtic Frost. Fans of both those bands will dig this new album, and it’s further recommended for fans of Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, Death, Carcass, Dismember, and Incantation.

That grotesque cover art was created by Rod Scott, and the album will be released by Memento Mori on January 21st. Below you’ll find not only our premiere but also “Flesh Presented For Orgasmic Torment”, which premiered previously at Cvlt Nation. For ordering info, keep an eye on these locations:





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