May 012019


A long eight years have passed since the Colombian black metal band Daemoni released their debut album Stillborn Redeemer. They have not been idle in that time, having performed in Colombia in support of such bands as Mayhem, Suffocation, Dark Funeral, Krisiun, and Vader, among others, and having made their first European appearance with a show in Madrid last year. And they have turned their sinister talents to the creation of new music as well, with those efforts reaching fruition in a new 40-minute album ominously entitled Black Tyrant.

The new album is set for release on June 6th by Goathorned Productions, and today we present the second advance track to be revealed from the album, “Abstersion’s Rite“, which manages to be both blood-boiling and blood-freezing at the same time.



Daemoni’s musical aesthetic, as displayed in this new song, combines ferocious, demonic zealotry and a spine-shivering feeling or atmosphere that is unearthly and dreadful. The fury in the song becomes apparent immediately, and never completely disappears, manifested through blazing-fast blast-beats. a fiery haze of bleak, bitter riffing, and the reverberation of scorching vocal hatred. But the drums repeatedly disappear, or transform into gallops punctuated by riveting booms and fills, and this allows guitar leads to emerge (and become more vivid) which give the music a frightening, preternatural atmosphere, with hints of both building tension and madness, and ultimately a kind of ominous grandeur.

The brazen percussive battery returns, stops, returns again. The swarming malignant riffing and the voracious vocals erupt again and again. But that unsettling otherworldly aspect of the music becomes just as dominant a presence. And so while the song is undeniably cruel and vicious, it is also eerie enough to bring a clammy chill to the skin.



Credit for the fantastically macabre cover art goes to Jenglot Hitam. Look for Black Tyrant on June 3rd, and if you like what you hear, you’ll find the pre-order link below. (And if you need more convincing, check out the first advance track from the album, “Moriens Pulsatio“, which we’ve included along with our own premiere).





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