May 072019


Seventeen months ago, when DECIBEL premiered a full stream of the latest record by Neige Morte, they wrote that the band “play black metal, but they do it with death metal sensibilities, hammering the listener with a torrent of noisy, cacophonous riffs and blast beats, almost painful in its intensity at times on their new album, TRINNT…. [I]t seems that over the course of three records, they’ve turned dense, punishing black metal into an art form they’ve mastered”.

As a reminder of the truth of those words, today we’re premiering a video of these part-French, part-Swedish nihilists performing a track from TRINNT, the name of which is “Niquez Bien Tous Vos Mères”, filmed by Sergey Ulyanov at the band’s release show in Lausanne a bit more than one year ago.



For most of its duration, the song featured in the video is pure decimation, a brutalizing barrage of hammering drums, pummeling bass, and vicious, raking riffs, capped by monstrous roaring vocals, whose deliberate, tyrannical proclamations contrast with the murderous destructive frenzy unleashed by the instruments. In addition to unchaining rampant savagery, the song also has a despairing, blood-freezing atmosphere thanks to the eerie, freakish delirium of the blaring, buzzing guitar leads and the vocalist’s scorching howls.

The punishment within the chaos is augmented by bursts of gigantic pounding detonations — but you’ll also encounter an abrupt and surprising change near the end, as the war zone of sound suddenly shifts out of phase, replaced by the mystical gleam of desolate, slowly strummed chords and a soft, methodical drum rhythm. As stark as the change is, it gives the song a weirdly mesmerizing dimension, though just as cold as the cruelty of what precedes it.


TRINNT was released in late 2017 by Division Records and Consouling Sounds, and is still available in both physical editions and digitally. We’ve included a full stream of the album along with this new video.

In addition, Neige Morte will be playing two shows in the very near future, and you can find details about them via the links below:

10.05.19 Les Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, FR

11.05.19 Le Marquis de Sade, Rennes, FR







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