May 082019


Wild guess: Especially among the more grim and cold-eyed consumers of metal extremity, the music of Philadelphia’s Necrosexual might be received with a certain degree of… skepticism. The PR comparison of “Gwar meets Venom“; the combination of corpse paint, sneering countenance, and tight, striped leggings; a record title like The Gory Hole Overture In F#; and of course the band’s name — all that might provoke a bit of mental push-back in certain quarters. One answer might be to just say, “lighten the fuck up”, and a better answer might be, “listen to ‘The Lair Where No Light Enters‘, which is the song we’re presenting today — because it’s hellishly good..

Actually, a still-better answer would be, “listen to all three songs from this new EP that have debuted so far”, and then make your mind up — and we’ll give you a chance to do that, too. But first, let’s focus on “The Lair Where No Light Enters“.



In a nutshell, it’s a nasty piece of work, with a lot of feral energy and a lot of visceral appeal. While thrash and carnal black metal might be the main ingredients of Necrosexual’s sound, the chords here are heavy, cruel, and heaving. They vibrate with cold, vicious hostility (but no more hostile than the blood-thirsty and venomous quality of the vocals) — interspersed with bursts of blaring melody and fretwork frenzy. The music is also insidiously addictive, and another factor in that effect is the explosive punch of the drumming.

As icing on this nasty cake, the band also segue into a bit of heavy metal grandeur, paving the way for an eerie solo over a scintillating drum barrage, and there’s one more solo coming when the band return to the main line — one that’s fiery and freakish.



We mentioned that there are now three songs from this new EP out in the world. The other two are the title track and “Orgy On Your Burial“, and you’ll find both of those below, where you’ll also see pre-order and Facebook links. The Ep will be released on May 17th.

As for the credits, The Necrosexual himself (who performs bass, guitar, and vocals) is joined on the EP by lead guitarist Anthony VIGO Gabriele and drummer Michael Lee Churry (on tracks 1-4), and by the band’s live drummer Ryan Dred Rot on the closing track “Orgy On Your Burial”. Tracks 1-4 were recorded live in the studio at Panther Pro Audio, while that closing track was recorded at Red Water Recording.







  1. Perhaps my promotional strategy has been wrong along. Parody, spoof, and satirical seem to be pretty effective descriptors for a few recent bands. I’d have to resend all my promo emails, but I could throw in a photo of me looking silly. It just might work…

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