May 082019


Wild guess: Especially among the more grim and cold-eyed consumers of metal extremity, the music of Philadelphia’s Necrosexual might be received with a certain degree of… skepticism. The PR comparison of “Gwar meets Venom“; the combination of corpse paint, sneering countenance, and tight, striped leggings; a record title like The Gory Hole Overture In F#; and of course the band’s name — all that might provoke a bit of mental push-back in certain quarters. One answer might be to just say, “lighten the fuck up”, and a better answer might be, “listen to ‘The Lair Where No Light Enters‘, which is the song we’re presenting today — because it’s hellishly good..

Actually, a still-better answer would be, “listen to all three songs from this new EP that have debuted so far”, and then make your mind up — and we’ll give you a chance to do that, too. But first, let’s focus on “The Lair Where No Light Enters“. Continue reading »