May 122019

artwork by Sylwia Smerdel


With deep regret, I must disclose that I will not be able to post a SHADES OF BLACK column on this Sunday, just as I was unable to post a SEEN AND HEARD round-up yesterday. My day job has run me ragged not only for most of last week but straight through this weekend. I don’t think tomorrow will be any better, so I doubt I’ll be able to catch up. I’m posting this notice because I know some of you look forward to the black metal features every Sunday. Sorry to let you down.

  16 Responses to “BLOGIMUS INTERRUPTUS”

  1. Your loyalty to both our beloved music and this site’s readership is commendable, but please take care of yourself. One’s work-life balance is very important, so get some rest first!

  2. I feel that there are no words that can adequately express my disappointment at this moment in time. Please, do not just consider the feelings of your friends and family but also those of your people and DO NOT allow this to happen again.. see you next week!

    • I’m considering paying a large stranger to beat me senseless as penance for my failure, assuming I can get that done for no more than $10.

  3. Dang, of course this would happen on the day that I release the ultra limited deluxe edition of Wretched Spawn’s Mega Abominator with 10% more mandolin, for 24 hours only and for the reduced price of $665.99, after which I’m deleting all the tracks (final mixes, original recordings, the head the tail the whole damn thing) for all eternity.
    Bad timing on my part. At least I can finally take my cat off my head.
    Hope you get a break from your 9-5 soon.

  4. We’re good man, and not going anywhere. NCS is the best and I’ll always be checking in, just glad to have ya. Good luck with work!

    • Thank you man. I’m gulping for air at the moment, but this too (eventually) will pass, and I can get back to doing what I love the most.

      • I have a work-appointed anti-stress coach! It comes recommended. In academia people are mortally afraid to loose their prized work horses; dont know your situation of course…

  5. Don’t stress out too much, it’s totally understandable with your busy schedule. The last thing I’d want is for you to burn out while trying to juggle everything at once. We’re not going anywhere so take as much time as you need to de-stress and get yourself back in a good frame of mind.

    I’d also be happy to help you out with the Shades of Black posts (and other roundups) as I have a few times in the past. It’s been a long time since I’ve sent you anything (due to my own personal life getting in the way) but I’m always stumbling across new music so it wouldn’t take long to compile something for a column.

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