Jun 262019


With a name like Mourner, a musical genre described as doom/death, and a debut album entitled Apogee of Nihility, one might expect the music created by this Russian trio to be a relentless descent into dragging oppressiveness and the extinguishment of hope. To be sure, they have a sure-handed talent for creating sensations of gloom and anguish, but what really sets their music apart is how multi-faceted and utterly captivating it turns out to be.

The song we’re presenting today, “Cobweb of Captivity“, is a stellar example of Mourner’s dynamic talents, a constantly changing and ultimately enthralling sequence of movements that merits that perhaps over-used phrase “a musical journey”.



A dismal lurching riff over the thud and crack of a measured drum rhythm sets the tone, dragging us tyranically into a place of misery and despair. An extravagantly deep, harsh growl that edges from imperious proclamations into desolating wretchedness deepens the mood of despondency and affliction. But this is just the beginning of an experience that expands like flowering thorns in different directions.

The slow lilt of a clear lead guitar creates a glimmer of soulful and seductive beauty in the midst of all the crushing heaviness, and it signals a flaring of intensity in the music, in which a more vibrant hammering riff is joined with a lead that seems to simmer in torment. When the intensity subsides, haunting tones ping and ring like the appeal of wraiths for solace beyond their grasp, and that in turn signals a new movement in which a rocking rhythm swings the music in a new and brighter direction, a head-moving surge of almost-hopefulness — and the revelation of wonder. But the tension and the torment in the music return in a powerful yet uneasy finale, which nevertheless does not break the spell the band have created.


Mourner is the work of a trio, two of whom previously joined forces in the black metal band Ragor: vocalist/bassist Gor; guitarist Saw; and second guitarist/drummer A.D. Their new album will be released jointly by Satanath Records (Russia), More Hate Productions (Russia), and The End Of Time Records (Ireland) on June 30th. The haunting cover art was created by Mary Kankava.

In addition to pre-order links and our stream of this new song, below you’ll also have a chance to check out another track from the album, “The Broken Life“.


01. The Scorched Sun
02. Do Not Get Through
03. Slaves Of Fate
04. Apogee Of Nihility
05. The Broken Life
06. Cobweb Of Captivity
07. Epilogue
Length – 45:08




  1. How can music released by a vocalist named simply GOR be anything but crushing and relentless? I look forward to checking them out!

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