Jul 182019


Last year Victus made their recording debut with a well-received EP entitled Sacrifice, and have followed that with hard-charging live performances in support of such bands as Crowbar, Monolord, Conjurer, Raging Speedhorn, and Ingested — and will soon include their appearance at Bloodstock Open Air in the UK next month.

Meanwhile, this quartet from Southern England have also been working on a debut album that will showcase their addictive blend of doom, sludge, and Southern Blues. As a sign of what’s coming, today we’re presenting a stream of a new Victus single the day before its official release — a head-moving bone-bruiser named “Demon“.



Demon” combines irresistible grooves, menacing melody worthy of the song’s name, and an intense vocal performance. The song packs a visceral, heavyweight punch, thanks to Vernon Grech‘s jolting, jaw-hammering bass lines and David Webber‘s gut-slugging drumwork, while guitarist Klayton Dean delivers dark, undulating riffs that move like a big python (and get stuck in the head damned fast). Samuel Barron-Bolt’s stand-out vocal performance is another significant factor in the song’s appeal, creating an emotional impact that’s raw, fierce, and fiery.

Near the end, Victus pick up the pace, the guitar jabbing and rapidly writhing, the rhythm section locking into an even more piston-pumping, head-moving progression, and the vocals becoming a vicious amalgam of murderous snarls and face-shredding shrieks. From the beginning, “Demon” will make you want to move, but that closing sequence is especially compulsive, and wild.


Demon” was recorded by Nick Scott at Blue Line Studios in Bournemouth, and it was mixed and mastered by Dan Stamp. The single will be released tomorrow (July 19) on most major digital platforms, and is available for pre-order now:




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