Jul 222019


Dead Shell of Universe is a Serbian black metal project spawned more than a decade ago from the mind of V., whose other musical endeavors include All My Sins and Terrörhammer, as well as past participation in many other groups, including Kawir and Triumfall. The lone release by Dead Shell of Universe was a 2008, 34-minute EP named Tamo gde pupoljak vene… tamo je moje seme.

With All My Sins‘ debut album Pra sila – Vukov totem having been released last year, V. chose to reactivate Dead Shell of Universe after a decade of silence. Tamo gde pupoljak vene… tamo je moje seme has now been re-mastered, and it will be reissued on digipack CD by Death Knell Productions in the autumn of this year. This new edition will also include a brand new track recorded as a bonus for the new edition, with a five-man line-up that includes current or former members of such bands as Crimson Moon, Melechesh, and Obscured. The new track is “Ex Nihilo“, and it’s our pleasure to present it today.


At more than 9 minutes in length, “Ex Nihilo” is an extensive excursion, and a tremendously powerful one. It rises in great waves of soaring choral voices and searing guitar, propelled by the propulsive piston drive of drums and giant reverberating booms. The song is majestic and magnetic, reverent and ravaging — and deeply sinister. Within the storm of burning, brazen sound the vocals spear out, assaulting the mind with echoing snarls, shrieks of rabid ferocity, and cries that chill the blood.

While the song burns like a conflagration, those solemn choral voices continue to give it a hallowed dimension, but other dimensions are also revealed when the headlong flight of the music suddenly stops, opening the way to the eerie resonance of astral keyboards and the eventual steady crack and pound of the returning drums. From that point, the music becomes tremendously ominous and oppressive, as long groaning chords drag the listener to the gallows, accompanied by slow, sinister proclamations and the sounds of gibbering madness. These sounds provide a nightmarish finale, ushering us into the void.


Both the songs from the original EP, now re-mastered, and this new track provide abundant reason to hope for more new music from Dead Shell of Universe. Time will tell….






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