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It has been a long wait, six years now since Obsidian Tongue‘s wonderful second album, A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time, albeit with some great work in evidence through their track “The Lakeside Redemption” on a four-way split in 2015 (Northeastern Hymns). In that time guitarist/vocalist Brendan Hayter has joined forces with a new drummer, the formidable Ray Capizzo of Falls of Rauros (and a live member of Panopticon), and together — at last — they have completed a third full-length, simply entitled Volume III.

Today it’s our great pleasure not only to assist in announcing this Maine band’s new album — which will be released by Bindrune Recordings on January 31, 2020 — but also to premiere a stunning song from the record named “Return to the Fields of Violet“.



One of the most striking take-aways from listening to Obsidian Tongue‘s past work is the remarkable variation in the music, and the ways in which Brendan Hayter managed to successfully interweave so many strands of darkness and light, of differing genre sources, into such rich, cohesive, and memorable tapestries of sound. And here, he and new drummer Ray Capizzo have done it again.

Return to the Fields of Violet” is emotionally intense music, but the levels of intensity and the emotional resonance of the music are in almost constant flux, yet united by the core melodies, which linger. Heavy, gloomy chords, riotously flickering leads, pummeling drums, and scorching shrieks push the intensity hard from the start. Hayter seamlessly moves his voice to soaring song as the drums begin blazing and the riffing buzzes with violence, and thereby introduces a different kind of passion into the music.

The song’s dimensions continue to change, with the advent of mystical ringing notes backed by light strumming and serrated-edge gasping expressions — which again morph seamlessly into song. The storm-burst of thunderous double-bass and wind-driven gales of incendiary riffing and scorching shrieks almost comes as a shock, and so does the sudden transformation of the sound into a luxurious panorama, sweeping in its scope and soaring in its emotional lift. Hayter’s voice takes wing toward the clouds as the drumming pounds your own pulse, and it makes for a heart-swelling crescendo.

That wave crests, and the sound falls away again as the drumming becomes more measured and isolated notes ring out, but the true climax comes with the intense pulse of the guitar and the reappearance of those throat-lacerating shrieks. The music swirls and seems to glow with extravagant spiraling light above its turbocharged percussive drive — and that extravagant union makes for a genuinely inspiring, heart-in-your-throat finale.



Bindrune plans to release Volume III on CD and LP. With a release date still several months ahead, pre-orders haven’t yet begun, but keep your eyes on the links below to learn when that happens. This is an album you won’t want to miss.



Anatkh 14:45
Poison Green Dream 5:55
Return to the Fields of Violet 6:34
Empath 13:16
Coda – Child in Ice 2:47



  1. This is an exceptional track. Very keen to get in on the rest.

  2. What happened with this release?
    It was released, but then not released and then no news came of it, until now.
    Now its coming out in 2020. Thats kind of a bummer. I have some feelings about this.

    In any case, Ive been dying to hear it. This camp of musicians is incredible and one of the most vital elements of metal music in todays landscape.

    • The delay on the album is indeed a bummer. We started to promote the album some time ago along with setting an early release date. due to the apathetic nature of modern metal press and their lack of response, we decided to employ a PR company to give this album the push it deserves, who were super busy and said that they would help us out. As it turns out after waiting for them, that whole deal fell through which pushed us back even farther. The delay is a drag, but it’s all behind the scenes stuff that likely isn’t that interesting to most. It’s coming finally and we are thankful that NCS were kind enough to take the time and space to help launch this album.! Sorry this has somehow offended some folks. Take care. -Marty/Bindrune

      • Hey Marty,

        Thanks for the timely response! We, as listeners, are often not privy to the inner workings, and while some probably could care less, I am always intrigued, but ever left in the dark on such matters, so this is illuminating.

        I behooves me to tell you that Angry Metal Guy gave it a glowing review and my feelings are only centered around my burning desire to hear this album. Expectations are always a bitch, so you know, I feel your expectations crash on this one too. That said, still just as eager to hear this! Will be the first best record of 2020, surely.

        • The Angry Metal Guy review was indeed stellar and we will be harvesting all reviews soon and repurposing them on our sites to let folks know what little press that has taken the time to listen to the album, has to say about it.

          Thanks a bunch .


  3. I’m so eager to get this that I’m going into remedial English: Want buy now. Can I make it more clear?

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