Nov 132019


Just when I think, after many years of listening to mind-mauling assaults of war metal, that I’ve become inured to the violence, I come across something like the debut album of Trajeto de Cabra from British Columbia which causes my mouth to slowly drop open in astonishment and my eyes to glaze over in a thousand-yard stare. There might have been a bit of drool in evidence as well.

That album, aptly named Supreme Command of Satanic Will, will be released by Iron Bonehead Productions on December 13th (yes, it’s a Friday the Thirteenth), and today we’ve got the premiere stream of a track called “Scythe of Pestilence“, which is a prime example the album’s stupefying impact.



Not for the first time, I wonder how I can equal the descriptive flourishes of Iron Bonehead‘s publicist, who characterized the music as “a vortex of warring black/death energies, disgusting blackgrind given violently hypnotic flight through sheer Satanic will”, and as “red-eyed and heaving violence ripped inside out, tension and terror bazooka-blown into the ether with cruel disregard for comfort or even comprehension, slashing seasickness shot out into the coldest reaches of the cosmos.” Oh, but I shall try!

Scythe of Pestilence” strikes like a shock-and-awe campaign, unleashing a terrifying maelstrom of sound that overwhelms the senses. The band apply absolutely searing riffs to the skull, like sonic acetylene torches, as well as generating ferocious rolling upheavals of catastrophic low-end power and equally obliterating drumwork, which batters at stunning rates of speed. Deep, macabre, reverberating roars and scorching howls spear out of this combination of hurricane, volcano, and avalanche, showing no more mercy than the malevolent instrumental assaults that surround them.

The only reprieve, if you can call it that, is the shriek of feedback that at one point extends by itself over the piston-driven hammering of the snare. While the drumming remains steady and relentless after that, what comes next is a breathtaking sonic apocalypse, a war-zone of squealing and shrieking leads, titanic low-frequency destruction, and insane vocal extremity.

Trust me, if you have a taste for racing black/death obliteration on a monumental scale, Supreme Command of Satanic Will will taste very good indeed.


For more info about this release and how to get it, keep an eye on these locations. Below you’ll find today’s premiere as well as a stream of the previously released track “Cursed Graves of the Unanointed”.





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