Dec 102019


The old year is fast rushing to a close, and the new one will be upon us before we know it. 2020 will be given an explosive start thanks to Dolorem Record‘s January 24 release of a new album by the French death-dealers in Slave One. This new full-length, which adds to a discography that already includes a pair of well-received EPs and the band’s impressive 2016 debut album (Disclosed Dioptric Principles), is entitled Omega Disciples, and today we present an album track named “Lightless Perspectives“.

References to such bands as Cynic, Pestilence, and Gorod may help prepare you for the experience of this music, but the song’s obliterating brutality and its mind-exploding instrumental mania are so riveting that it’s unlikely you’ll be capable of thinking about anything else but becoming rapidly enslaved to Slave One.



“Lightless Perspectives” is a manifestation of vicious, demented chaos, of discordance and turmoil, but it’s also executed with razor-sharp precision and packed to the brim with rapidly morphing rhythmic and melodic motifs, each of which sticks its own little spike in the listener’s brain, pulls it out to be replaced by another, and then jabs it in again.

In a torrential rush, the music delivers an intricate mixture of angular, seething, and pulsating notes, caustic, squalling riff abrasion, pummeling drums, and horrid guttural growls. Flickering leads eerily gleam, accompanied by moody bass meditations, but the band also transition into swirling harmonies and expressions of screeching lunacy, while delivering volcanic drum progressions and bursts of militaristic blasting. The fast-twitch fretwork is persistently scintillating, but the band also strike with punishing, spine-jolting grooves.

And as mentioned above, despite how intricately textured, rapidly changing, and stunningly ferocious the music is, it manages to get stuck in the head too.


In total, Omega Disciples delivers eight songs of technical death metal with a brutalizing old school influence, and a running time of more than 38 minutes. It includes two guests on vocals: Warchangel (Ritualization) and Laurent Chambe (ex-Nephren-Ka). The album was mixed and mastered at Marmelade Production by Julien Desjardin, and features artwork by Above Chaos.

Dolorem Records will release Omega Disciples in a limited CD digipack edition with a 12-page booklet that includes all the lyrics. Pre-orders are available now.

Vocals : Tarvos Brádach
Guitars : Nicolas Salin
Guitars : Benoit Liandier
Bass : Jean Taraud
Drums : Sebastien Salin





  1. Picking their discography up next. I had hoped to try to snag one of the 25 pre-order copies of their new album with the bust, but issues at work had me sidetracked and by the time I checked their Facebook page, they had sold out.

  2. Yes, fucking amazing and i bought the whole thing for less than 12 bucks, scratching head…I love some Death Metal!

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