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(For the 8th year in a row, here’s our friend Vonlughlio’s list of the best brutal death metal albums of the year that’s about to end.)

So it’s that time of year, at which I am lucky enough to share the top Brutal Death Metal albums of 2019, and what a great year for the genre it has been. As usual, the list-making process has been nothing but a clusterfuck, because it has been difficult to compile my favorite 25 albums released this year. But it must be done, and I can say for this year that I am content with the end result.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Islander for letting me do some write-ups and year-end lists since 2012 for this genre, which is one of my favorites in the Death Metal Universe. I also thank the writers and other contributors of NCS; because of them I can discover great bands each day.

With no further ado, below are my favorite 25 BDM albums of 2019. Later on this will become part of the Blast Family Top 50 BDM albums of the year. So for now, here is the list:



25) Repugnance “Shrouds of Deceit”


This young band from Malta won me over with their 2014 ep Seeds of Oppression and this debut picks up from that release and shifts into high gear!!! Such a strong debut that for me needed to be included in this list.




24) Cercenated Flesh “Crushing Corpses”


From Chile, this band released their debut album and took me by surprise because of how good and devastating this band is!!!! It was only released digitally but a CD format will be released by the Italian label Death Metal Industry. Looking forward to their future.




23) CorpseFlesh “Rearranged with a 12 Gauge”


It took six years for this Australian band to release the follow-up to their 2013 album Tattooed by a Blowtorch and the wait was all worth it!!! High-speed crushing BDM that continues to prove this is a great project that needs to continue.




22) Visceral Decay “Carnivore Psilocybin”


This lovely band from Ecuador released their third album, and I love how raw it sounds and how they have continued to strive as a group since 2010. Talented musicians who showcase their formidable abilities as always.




21) Blue Holocaust “Flesh For the Cannibal God”


This amazing goregrind band have graced us with the release of their sophomore effort after 14 years, and it is a great example of why I love goregrind. Disgusting, well-executed songs and a representation of how a goregrind release should be!!!! Just hope they don’t take as long to release new music.




20) Meathook “Crypts, Coffins, Corpses”


This band has been active since 2008 and all their releases are great BDM — and for the life of me I don’t understand why they are not more recognized as much. Don’t get me wrong, they do get a lot of love from their fans, but still they are so underrated. Their new album is pure bliss.




19) Strappado “Exigit Sincerae Devotions Affectus”


This band from Spain is a project with talented musicians who released their debut album this year and won me over as a fan right away!!!!! Just punishing songs that any BDM fan would enjoy.




18) Visceral Disgorge “Slithering Evisceration”


After eight years this Baltimore band released their sophomore album, and it beautifully showcases their talents as musicians — all the songs are fantastic!!! Seeing them live was a great experience.




17) Horrific Demise “Excruciating Extermination”


A project with musicians from Necrotic Disgorgement, ex-Lividity, and ex-Gorgasm, Horrific Demise brought this album to life, and it has been in constant rotation in my household, even though it’s more death metal oriented with lots of BDM moments. Superb release that deserved a spot in my list.




16) Molecular Fragmentation “Recurrence of Blasphemous Maelstrom”


This is a group formed by some great musicians who have brought us a raw, in-your-face type of BDM that I fell in love with since the release of their 2018 demo, and I’m happy to see that the album continues in that path.




15) Sulfuric Cautery “Chainsaws Clogged with the Underdeveloped Brain Matter of Xenophobes”


This is goregrind bliss spawned by 19 songs that makes you feel so disgusted with yourself — and after you finish you will still ask for more of this great music. I love this underground band who have established a great fanbase.




14) Lurid Panacea “The Insidious Poisons”


Another amazing goregrind project that won me over with their first demo back in 2018. Mr Holmes (Drums) and Mr. Cappelletti (vocals, guitars and bass) make a wonderful gore duo that gave birth to this killer project.




13) Shinda Saibo No Katamari “Saibogu”


The first album from this Japanese band that took over the scene by storm!!!! Complex structures in each of the chapters that are mostly BDM-oriented but with some tech hints. Amazing band who have a great future ahead.




12) Pulverized “Falsus in Uno, Falsus In Omnibus”


These Filipinos released their first EP back in 2016, and this year their first album. It showcases dark passages, aggressive riffs, and hateful vocals. A band that has overcome a lot, and in me have a fan forever.




11) Carnal “Lecherous Acts of Hedonism”


A spectacular release from this band that has not left my playlist since its release. Love the vocals and the amazing riffs you can hear in each of the songs, which are also full of marvelous blasts!!!!




10) Disentomb “The Decaying Light”


One of Australia’s finest released their third album and you can hear how much they have matured as musicians since the project’s inception. Amazing and humble human beings whom I was fortunate to see live .




09) Amputated Genitals “Origin of Murder”


One of my favorite bands from Colombia!!!!!! They finally released their long-awaited third album with none other than Mr. Special Effects Shuster on vocals!!!!! One of the best in the genre. Killer riffs, blast beats for days, there is nothing wrong with this release.




08) Unborn Salivate “Paraphiliac Orgiastic Atonement”


From the wicked minds of Mr. Stubbs, Mr. Marks, and Paulo comes one of the nastiest and filthiest BDM releases of this year, and with its raw production is also one of the finest of this year.




07) Jig-AI “Entrails Tsunami”


For me it’s my favorite goregrind release of 2019. Each song stands out, and yet makes part of an overall sadistic story that you can’t stop listening to!!!!! These guys have released their best work to date.




06) Vituperate “Dies Mali”


A debut that someone described as an “Intense Chaotic Whirlwind”, which I will add is 100% accurate. This band is formed by great musicians whom I respect a lot and hope they continue to create music I love.




05) Devourment “Obscene Majesty”


The damn baby killers I love released the BDM Comeback of the Year!!! Nasty, dark, chaotic — it’s all that I hoped for and much more!!!!! This is truly an album that most if not all the scene can say is the band’s second-best release ever.




04) Kakothanasy “Dysomorph”


This album has become one of my favorite debuts by any band ever!!!! Remarkable songwriting all the way!!!!! This is a must-pick-up (and I love their unique song titles).




03) Prostitute Disfigurement “Prostitute Disfigurement”


This band released their sixth album, and for me it has become my favorite. Their songs structures are marvelous, and their lyrics are fucked up!!!! They never apologize for their artistic vision, and for that they have my utmost respect.




02) Esophageal “Craving Delusion”


A dynamic group of musicians: Mr. Choti (vocals), Oscar (guitars), Roman (drums), and Disjorge (bass), all of them well-known in the scene for their music contributions with other projects (too many to name). They gave birth to this monster that rightfully stands in this high position.



And my favorite release for 2019 is one that I knew since its release would be a project very dear to me:


1) Disgruntled Anthropophagi “Violently Expunged”


Disgruntled Anthropophagi are a band that I been following since their 2015 debut album Rampage of Misanthropic Purge, which was released at a dark moment in my life and was played every single day. This new album is shorter and has a more natural production, but it does not dimish the level of hatred you can feel from the vocals and the music. I get lost in this album, and somehow it relaxes me. The more I listened, the more I knew it would be and is my favorite BDM album of 2019.

  5 Responses to “LISTMANIA 2019: A TOP 25 LIST FROM VONLUGHLIO”

  1. Having developed a hankering for brutal not-too-slammy death, this is a welcome list for sure, the more so as this BDM is not always featured prominently on review sites (I frequent).

  2. Thanks for this. Amazing list!!!! Somehow I missed out on 80% of all of them…so stoked to have these now.

    One more for those reading: don’t miss out on Purulent Necrosis – Cadaverized Humanity. Simply stellar.

  3. That was a fun listen, some really filthy groovy despicable grindy gory Death, for sure. I love the name Disgruntled Anthropophagi…best group name of the year when so many were disgruntled about something!

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