Jan 072020


(The year-end lists of Austin Lunn (Panopticon) have been among the most-anticipated features of our annual LISTMANIA series, and after a hiatus last year Austin has again agreed to share with us and you his list of favorite albums from the year just ended — which range across various musical genres, including country music.)


Here is a list of albums I enjoyed last year. There were so many, so it’s hard to remember everything… The past year was really busy for me, and it looks like 2020 is gonna be even busier. I’m glad I had tons of music to listen to… so cheers folks.


Richard Inman : “Hasta la Vista (until I see you again)”

This is my favorite release of the year…Richard Inman is such an amazing songwriter. I’ve been waiting for this record for quite a while… it absolutely did not disappoint.


The rest are in no particular order:


Nasheim : “Jord och Aska”



An Isolated Mind : “I’m Losing Myself”



Earth and Pillars : “Earth II”



Falls of Rauros : “Patterns in Mythology”



Evergreen Refuge : “Skyward”



Blood of the Black Owl : “Rivers Within Shadows”



Waldgeflüster : “Mondscheinsonaten”



Mo’ynoq : “Dreaming in a Dead Language”



Krypts : “Cadaver Circulation”



Winterfylleth : “The Siege of Mercia”



Nøne : “Damp Chill of Life”



Runespell : “Voice of Opprobium”



Tomb Mold : “Planetary Clairvoyance”



Obsequiae : “The Palms of Sorrowed Kings”



Dauþuz : “Monvmentvm”



Wigrid : “Entfremdungsmoment”



Aboricidio : “What We Leave Behind”



Dawn Ray’d : “Behold Sedition Plainsong”



Misþyrming : “Algleymi”



Echushkya : “Dust and Ethers”



Candlemass : “The Door To Doom”



The Glorious Dead : “Imperator of the Desiccated”



Ossuarium : “Living Tomb”



Woe : “A Violent Dread”



Ringarë : “Under Pale Moon”



Townes Van Zandt : “Sky Blue”



Mork : “Det Svarte Juv”



Murg : “Strävan”



False : “Portent”



Mortiferum : “Disgorged From Psychotic Depths”



Grima : “Will of the Primordial”



Belenos : “Argoat”



Saor : “Forgotten Paths”



Clouds Collide : “They Don’t Sleep Anymore”



Olhava : S/T



Vastum : “Orificial Purge”



Sarcasm :”Esoteric Tales of the Unserene”



Crypt Sermon : “The Ruins of Fading Light”



Mgła : “Age of Excuse”



Orm : “Ir”



Bhleg : “Äril”



Zachary Lucky : “Midwestern”



Chris Knight : “Almost Daylight”



Ian Noe : “Between the Country”



Exulansis : “Sequestered Sympathy”



Blood incantation : “Hidden History of the Human Race”



Kalmanantaja : “Korpi”


  1. Blood of the Black Owl had new material!? How the hell did I miss that!

  2. I would suggest him Kaatayra, believe he would like

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