Jan 102020


Greedy fans of classic and crushing death metal should circle January 27th on their calendars in red, because that’s the date on which Memento Mori will release Ceased To Be, the mortifying debut album of the Chilean duo Coffin Curse.

Formed in 2012 by Inanna’s Max Neira (guitars, bass, vocals) and later joined by drummer Carlos Fuentes, (Inanna, Sol Sistere), Coffin Curse have drawn their inspirations from such early ’90s U.S. icons as Morbid Angel, Monstrosity, Obituary, Immolation, and Deicide, as well as the menacing and mind-mauling ministrations of Pentagram (Chile), Death, Possessed, Sepultura, Massacre, Slaughter Lord, and Necrovore.

All those names are strongly suggestive of Coffin Curse‘s horrifying musical mission, as are the band’s previously released demo, three EPs, and one split effort (with Violent Scum), but today we have an even more potent and penetrating sign of what Ceased To Be holds in store, through our premiere of the album’s penultimate song in the track list, “Grave Offender“.



This song alone proves what a firm grasp Coffin Curse have on the elements of evil death metal that make it so timeless, how saturated they are by the undying spirits of the genre’s early age, and how commanding they are in their songwriting and execution.

The heart of “Grave Offender” is the song’s sinister, roiling riffage, which rises and falls in gruesome fashion, creating sensations of horror and madness. Potent, variable drum rhythms add to the music’s fiendish energy — and deep growls and strangled howls enhance the song’s menacing and malevolent spirit.

The song is also a powerful head-mover from start to finish, but perhaps especially when the duo segue into an interplay between the rhythm section and a manic flurry of darting fretwork. And at the finale, the band unleash chaos and violence in electrifying fashion.



Apart from the medium and the message of the music, Ceased To Be features great cover art by Daniel Hermosilla (Nox Fragor Art). To repeat, look for the album on January 27th via Memento Mori. For further info, check the links below — and also check out the previously released track “Where Sickness Thrives“.






  1. Great stuff. Another excellent band from Chile.

  2. Im well chuffed w the rise of south&central American death and black metal.

    Although thisnis great, I dont hear that much Deicide yet. Possibly this is due to the fact that when I first heard Deicide (Legion) I found it noise first and then, on a second listen, some.of the most visceral death put there. I still experience those early Deicide albums that way and as such, the Deicide label used to denote other band’s sound never holds much water…..

  3. There seems to be a typo in the Bandcamp link (www.). The following works: https://coffincurse.bandcamp.com

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