Apr 142020


When the Light Will Fade“, the title track and first single released from the debut EP of Phobos Monolith, quickly demonstrated the band’s precocious mastery of ingredients that are vital to the appeal of doom-influenced melodic death metal: craggy low-end weight, jolting rhythms, a vocalist who possesses a deep and ravaging growl that’s spine-tingling to hear, and most importantly a talent for crafting forlorn melodic hooks that make an immediate and lasting impression. In addition, consistent with the band’s thematic interests in the mysteries of space-time and the multiverse, they created a sound that hinted at the vastness of the cosmos, accented by ringing keyboards that sparkled like starshine.

That song made a very positive first impression, and now we’re able to bring you a lyric video for a second single, entitled “Oktober (Lunar Ellipse)“, in the lead-up to the June 29 release of When the Light Will Fade by Pest Records.



This new song has a hard-rocking rhythmic drive, with a strong bass-and-drum pulse and an equally compulsive main riff, all of which work together to get your head moving. As in the first single, the new song includes a beautifully fluid lead-guitar performance with a wailing and mournful melody that also soars, as well as seductive piano accents, which work together with long bass reverberations to lend the music an air of melancholy, menace, and wondrous mystery. There’s a gorgeous echoing solo in the song too, as well as another ferocious vocal performance — and like the first single, this track is a highly infectious one.

By way of background, Phobos Monolith was started in 2018 by guitarist and primary song-writer Pedro Vela in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamulipas. Together with drummer Victor Tellez and lead guitarist Willy Tovar, they pieced together a live band that became a complete unit with the recruitment of Eliseo Lara on bass and vocals.



As noted at the outset, Pest Records will release the EP on June 29th, and recommends it for fans of such bands as Amorphis, Tiamat, Katatonia, Anathema, Edge of Sanity, and Paradise Lost. Keep an eye on the locations linked below for further news about the release and how to get it.

We hope you enjoy both “Oktober (Lunar Eclipse)” and “When the Light Will Fade” as much as we have.  Check ’em both out below.





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