May 222020


You listen to this new split by Chaos Cascade and Kapala and you get the sense that they don’t think the viral plague is acting fast enough. They’ve formed a Contamination Alliance to accelerate the extermination, aided by a conspiracy with Dunkelheit Produktionen who will release this audio warfare on vinyl (July 18) and digitally (May 23rd).

Germany’s Chaos Cascade, ever-prolific, returns to the slaughter grounds after two other splits and an EP also released this year. The Chaos Cascade track on this new split is “Wreak Havoc“, and that’s exactly what it does.



The track discharges a radioactive miasma of mutilating frequencies and grotesque shrieking vocal horrors that claw at the listener’s sanity. The grinding, slashing, and squirming sonic vibrations combine the inhuman sounds of an industrial-strength sander applied to bone, the crash of pile-drivers smashing scrap metal into fragments, and the skittering tones of insectile electronic lifeforms feeding on each other. And it all feeds on you, voraciously.


Photo by Rahul Guha

Where Chaos Cascade rips open the curtain that conceals other-dimensional nightmares behind the masks of our world, India’s Kapala unleashes unhinged black/death warfare with “The Gluttonous Deathblades“. The sound is coated with distortion filth, but the obliteration of machine-gun percussion is unmistakable. Through that blasting maelstrom, wickedly warped riffs blare and writhe, and the blood-lusting vocals channel roaring and howling madness. The music surges to further zeniths of berserker chaos and screaming cruelty and then slows into an imperious stomping march as the guitars groan in misery over hammering drums and raise up grand tyrannical fanfares, flaring above a bass that generates the sound of grinding metal.

Listening to the song floods the listener with adrenaline, quickly activating the fight-or-flight response through a ravaging display of brutal sonic warfare and terrorizing imperiousness. It makes for an impressive follow-up to the band’s two previous EPs, Infest Cesspool (2017) and Termination Apex (2019) — both of which you should track down if you haven’t already.



As Dunkelheit Produktionen proclaims, Contamination Alliance “is mid-paced Power Electronics dominance with elitist War Metal attitude and truly a rope around the neck of human vermin, which gets more and more intense every second, until it reaches the final ejaculation of harshness and dissonance… brutality and violence condensed into wax and another successful assassination carried out by the German and Indian audial death squads.”

Adorned by artwork and layout created by Qayin Mandala Graphex, the split will be available on 70g (Heavy) 7″ vinyl in a 300gsm Jacket with 250gsm insert, Paperbag, and Poster in A2 format. The vinyl editions will come in Black, Red, and Splatter variants. And you can also get it as a digital download.




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