May 222020


Atræ Bilis trace their inception to a chance encounter in a Vancouver record store between guitarist David Stepanavicius and drummer Luka Govednik. It didn’t take long for the ideas to begin flowing and the jamming to start. A wide range of influences naturally worked their way into the creative process, though as Stepanavicius tells it, there were no preconceptions about what the music would sound like — and the debut album of Atræ Bilis (a Latin phrase for a malady that translates to “black bile”) is indeed difficult to shoehorn into any rigid genre definition, though death metal (of varying kinds) is at its core.

That album, Divinihility, will be released by Transcending Obscurity Records on August 14th, adorned by the typically terrific artwork of Adam Burke. Today we’re premiering a video for a song off the album named “Phantom Veins Trumpet“, and it vividly displays the band’s multi-faceted yet cohesive songwriting talents, and the tremendous energy of their sounds.



The song is a head-spinner and a shape-shifter, both ferocious and mentally engrossing, that whirls the listener through an amalgam of rapidly changing tempos, mutating fretwork, and two-tone vocals that roar and scream. Atræ Bilis bludgeon and batter, and bring down vicious percussive hammer blows. They also spin out unhinged effusions of roiling, dissonant riffage, bursts of spidery arpeggios, and punctuations of screaming string mutilation, as well as slowly slithering tendrils of eerie, dismal melody that send chills down the spine. And as Govednik discharges blasting fusillades, the music flares into a kind of malignant magnificence.

As Transcending Obscurity says of the album as a whole, but it’s also true of this song in particular, it “has traces of technical death, brutal death, dark death and even dissonant death, with a tinge of melody and atmosphere to top things off”.



Brendan Campbell – Bass
Jordan Berglund – Vocals
Luka Govednik – Drums
David Stepanavicius – Guitars

Transcending Obscurity will release Divinihility on CD (with merch bundles available) and digitally. Below you’ll find all the necessary links, the track list, and a stream of the previously released video clip for “Ectopian“. And to learn more about the band, check out this interview conducted by Covenant Festival.




1. Gnode
2. Sulphur Curtain
3. Phantom Veins Trumpet
4. Ectopian
5. Upon the Shoulders of Havayoth
6. A Ceremony of Sectioning



  1. That Wormed t-shirt : )

  2. Ive pre-ordered the shit out of this one (for a good!! price, too)! Reminds sometimes of Cannibal Corpse (Vile) both in vocals and guitar tone. Very heavy, very melodic. Nice ‘n’ varied as well.

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