Aug 152020


Yesterday I left home for a long weekend vacation, my first vacation of the year and the first time I’ve been away from home for more than an hour since the March shutdowns. Some friends and I rented a place near the town of Roslyn in the Cascade Mountains, about 80 miles east of Seattle.

You might have seen Rosyln without knowing it, since it was the filming location for The Runner Stumbles, Northern Exposure, and The Man in the High Castle. The whole downtown part of Roslyn, such as it is, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. The surrounding environment, as you can see above, is beautiful.



Might do a little hiking, some of my comrades may play a round of golf (I’ll skip that in order to preserve my vampiric pallor and because I’ve never touched a golf club), but the main objective is to eat, drink, listen to music, talk about mainly stupid things, sleep like bears, and repeat. Even if we don’t venture into the woods, it’s still nice to be surrounded by forest and mountains.

Anyway, the point of this post was not to spawn envy but to explain why I didn’t post a round-up today and may not post a SHADES OF BLACK column tomorrow (playing that by ear).



In the meantime, here’s a bit of sheer musical madness to put a fever in your blood, hornets in your ears, an unsettled feeling in your guts, and maybe a few cracks in your spine. The band is Torpe from Portugal, and this extravagant wildness (which I’m buying as soon as I finish this post) goes by the name “Ardo, Perpétuo, Maligno“. It’s unexpectedly addictive.

(Thanks to Rennie [starkweather] for linking me to the song.)





  1. Got an uncle who used to live up by Rosyln, always loved driving up there to see him, beautiful area. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. breaking my no comment rule to comment and say enjoy your vacation man, you deserve it !

  3. what is that in the sky in your first picture?

    • I was wondering when someone would notice. 🙂 I took the photo from the inside of a lodge building, and those lights are the reflection of a circular chandelier on the window.

      • Well, what with all the recent UFO/UAP news and being an avid observer of such cultural phenomenon,that popped right out and I was struck by it so heavily, I commented! Really enjoy the blog, I read it multiple times a week, sometimes everyday! One of the best! Thanks for the reply.

        • I actually didn’t notice the “lights in the sky” until after I uploaded the photo to the site and viewed it on a computer screen. It was just complete happenstance that they showed up — I didn’t purposefully create that effect. But it’s a very happy coincidence. (And thanks very much for your support of NCS.)

  4. Sounds like an awesome getaway!

  5. Enjoy Roslyn and the chance to get out. Glad you’re finally leaving the house in all this madness.

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