Aug 182020


Håkan Stuvemark and Jon Skäre are ever-busy men. Stuvemark’s list of active bands includes Wombbath, Skineater, Reek, Pale King, PermaDeath, and Rex Demonus, each one of them providing a different kind of outlet for his musical proclivities. Skäre has been a fixture in Defiatory and Wachenfeldt, in addition to joining Stuvemark in many of those projects just mentioned. But now the two can add one more project to their resumes, because they’ve joined forced to create Consumption.

This new band, in which Stuvemark performs vocals, guitars, and bass, and Skäre is of course behind the kit, was created under the influence of early ’90s Carcass and some old Finnish death metal bands, most prominently Disgrace. Their debut album is named Recursive Definitions Of Suppuration, and it’s our horrid pleasure to share with you today the opening cut, “Fermented Tissue“, in advance of the album’s September 15 release by Iron Blood and Death Corporation.



Fermented Tissue” is an electrifying, adrenaline-fueled, blood-splattering track. And though it’s feverishly intense, it’s sharply executed and it also carries notable low-end heft and proves itself capable of savagely slugging you in the neck.

The visceral thrills begin with no warning, just an immediate storm of rapid-fire drum-and-bass thunder and fleet-fingered riffing with the sensation of an insectile feeding frenzy. When the drum rhythm turns to a bounding gallop, the music becomes a heavy, cavorting mauler. Moreover, the song doesn’t give short shrift to melody, as it blazes with ominous, imperious fanfares, and includes a slithering, quivering, and darting solo that’s sinister and supernatural. The band also inject bursts of booming groove and lace the whole onslaught with savage vocal mayhem that varies in its channeling of bestial ferocity.

And on top of all that, you’ll find that the main riff is as addictive as it is feverish and frenzied.



Recursive Definitions Of Suppuration will be released in a Digipack CD edition, featuring gruesome cover art by Nox Fragor Art. It was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström at The MixRoom.

For more info about the release, and how to get it, keep an eye on these locations:





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