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That’s quite an arresting image up there, isn’t it? It’s the cover art accompanying Death & Disbelief, the forthcoming third album by the Danish band Pitchblack, which is set for release on October 23rd by Emanzipation Productions. The music turns out to be quite arresting too, as already demonstrated by a single from the album named “The World Is Mine“.

That single was released two weeks ago, but one good turn deserves another, and so today we’re premiering a lyric video for the same song. If you missed the single’s release, the video will give you the chance to discover the kind of hard-charging, ferocious, hook-filled melodic death metal that Pitchblack serve up on this newest full-length.



Now nearing the end of their second decade of existence, Pitchblack have learned how to make people move compulsively and reflexively. They do that immediately in “The World Is Mine“, with a main riff that’s a combination of rapid chugging and blaring brazenness, propelled by bludgeoning drumwork. Alternating with that main riff are sequences of deep, vicious grinding chords that come across like a belt-sander being applied to your face.

The vocals deliver a different kind of intensity. They’re high and howling, almost like singing in the chorus but too wild and raw and ferocious to be called “clean”. As the band lock into that powerfully head-moving main riff again, a wailing, ghostly melody wafts through the pummeling to create another dimension of experience, one that’s otherworldly, beleaguered, and a little unnerving (and the video delivers imagery at this point in the song which matches the sound very well).


Credit for the video editing goes to Danihjel. Emanzipation Productions recommends Death & Disbelief for fans of The Haunted, The Crown, Entombed, and Hatesphere. It’s available for pre-order now:




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