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Hailing from the Red Deer, Alberta, The Myopia Condition came together under a hybrid of heavy influences that ranged from the cathartic spirit of metalcore to the divergent grooves of Meshuggah and Lamb of God. They opened enough eyes to be selected for the finals of the Canadian Wacken Metal Battle in 2018 and festival appearances that included Armstrong Metalfest and Loud As Hell. And now the band are preparing for the October 16 release of their debut album Event Horizon.

Today we’re presenting a lyric video for the album’s first single, “Separation From Classification“, and it too is a hybrid, though not entirely what you might expect from the influences listed above.


Photo Credit: Robert Fearey

Separation From Classification” proves to be a mix of moods and sensations, as well as stylistic accents. Through dragging chords, a lumbering gait, and wailing notes it manifests gloom and despair. A ringing riff creates a sense of coiling tension and encroaching menace. Swirling leads dose the mind with feelings of eeriness and dread. It erupts in bouts of jackhammering brutishness and drops low-end detonations.

And about three minutes in, the band create a stark juxtaposition, beginning with a moody yet enthralling guitar solo and then exploding in an assault of pulverizing rhythms, soaring yet ominous melody, and frantic fret-burning mayhem. Throughout, the vocals create their own juxtapositions, veering from heartless growls to skin-splitting shrieks but continually amplifying the song’s intensity.

The combination of all these sensations creates a visceral response, and the overarching mood is one that seems to combine anxiety and beleaguerment with fierce defiance.

The Myopia Condition have their own explanation for the song and its lyrical theme:

“The track talks about finding your own voice instead of following the in-crowd. An anthem for coming as you are and not just sticking to the status quo, it encourages being kind, real, non-judgemental. Starting at a medium pace it builds into thrash and slows down in the middle for some tasteful cleans and jazzy leads. The song continues on with some heavy vocals and harmonized screams, ultimately finishing off with one of the tastier riffs on the album.”


The album line-up of the Myopia Condition consists of:

Josh Gould – Guitars/Vocals
David Luchenski – Lead Guitars
Rob Fearey – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Josiah Dyck – Lead Vocals
Greg Glenn – Drums

For more info about the release of Event Horizon as it becomes available, follow the band on Facebook:



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