Sep 172020


Four years after a debut album named Human Pathomorphism, and following a hiatus, the black metal band Humanitas Error Est have made a new beginning, and have recorded new music. While the musical and lyrical thematics follow the same misanthropic and anti-human tropes expressed in that earlier work, the line-up has been newly formed. The band’s two founders, vocalist S. Caedes and drummer Ahephaïm (both of whom are also in Lebenssucht) remain in place, but they are now joined by new faces in what has become an international collective, with members from Germany, Belgium, France and Australia:

S CAEDES – lead vocals
BASMU – lead vocals
AHEPHAÏM – drums
ARBORIA – guitar
MICTIAN – guitar
FENRIR – bass

As the first sign of what they have done together, today we present a video for a shattering new song named “An Inexcusable Existence“.



This new song is deeply chilling, in fact so brutally unsettling that it has the capacity to freeze you in place, transfixed as if suddenly finding yourself surrounded by hostile vipers. But it’s also transfixing because it proves to be a mutating beast of sound, and those changing phases of movement intensify its grip.

Initially, the subdued seething of the guitars, backed by booming drum detonations, generates a sonic miasma, a dismal feeling of illness at its core. The sickness of the sound is even more disturbing because of the horrifying tones and deranged vehemence of the vocal tandem — whose tortured screams and vicious roars remain a frightening presence throughout the track.

As the song proceeds, that ghastly miasma transforms into a paroxysm of snarling hatred, of hurtling drums and feverish riffing, as if the disease has erupted in a wildfire vector, burning a scathing path through defenseless humanity. And then it changes again. As the drumming becomes less frantic and the bass more murmuring, a melody surfaces — a melody that sounds utterly forlorn, though the vocals seem even more furiously disgusted and hateful. The music erupts again, cutting and burning, and in the end it descends again into the sound of creeping, unstoppable plague and death.

The video is as savage and as chilling as the music, even though it concentrates on the blood-drenched band-members themselves. This was a conscious choice, a means of presenting the new line-up to their audience after such a long hiatus. Due to covid restrictions, they were not able to rehearse, record, or film all together, so everything was done individually from a distance. But as you’ll see (and hear), the results are frighteningly impressive.



As of today, “An Inexcusable Existence” is available as a digital single on Bandcamp. And we are told that it is a sign of something bigger to come. Whether that is an EP or an album, we’ll be eagerly waiting for it.




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