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High above the Earth an astronaut drifts alone, abandoned by the destruction of the rocket that sent him there. Eyes wide and stricken by fear, he witnesses visions, of the natural spectacle below him… and of other possibly unnatural spectacles, or perhaps only the dissolution of his own mind.

Those are among the harrowing and mesmerizing sights to be seen in the video we’re premiering today, accompanied by a song that in itself is harrowing and eerily captivating in equal measure. The song is “Orbit“, and it comes from a debut album named Conceive by Chicago’s Hypervolume. Get ready for countdown… and loosen up your neck too.



Hypervolume is a relatively new formation, but the band’s two members (vocalist/multi-instrumentalist A. Human and drummer Fabian A.) aren’t newbies, which will quickly become evident from the music they’ve made, which is a sorcerous and viscerally compelling amalgam of doom, death, and thrash metal, with elements of psychedelia and punk in the mix.

As demonstrated on “Orbit“, A. Human is capable of venting fierce and frightening howls of vicious, shrieking intensity. And he also cooked up a potent riff for this song, which quickly connects with a listener’s reptile brain at the same time as the drum rhythms have their way with your neck. The melody is full of menace, and there’s also a hallucinatory quality to it, along with the aura of sinister threat. When the band slow the cadence and the drums pound, that riff morphs into an even more oppressive and doomed experience, and the eeriness within the song becomes even more dominating.

Perhaps needless to say, the song is damned heavy too, and a compelling head-mover as well as a brain be-fogger.



Conceive includes eight more heavy tracks, meant to be played at max volume, and the album features cover art designed and etched in brass by Janna Weddle of Bezel and Thread.

Hypervolume are currently seeking a label to call home. For further news about the album’s release, keep an eye on these locations.





  2. This is awesome!

  3. Great song and video. More please!

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