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5 R V L N 5 is the name of a solo/collaborative electronic-based Industrial project created by Chicago’s Chuck Clybourne. 5 R V L N 5‘s first release was a five-track EP named The Black Mark, which appeared just as the pandemic was beginning to get into full swing in March of this year. Its harrowing soundscapes turned out to be a prescient representation of the miseries, the disgust, and the rage spawned by the months that have followed, as well as something like a desire for escape. As we work our way to the end of 2020, but with no imminent end in sight to everything that made it so rotten, it’s fitting that 5 R V L N 5 has arranged for new sonic experiences.

One of the tracks on The Black Mark is “World of Filth“. Tomorrow it will be re-issued in the form of a “maxi single” accompanied by two remixes, one by Sanford Parker (Corrections House, EyeHateGod, Statiq Bloom) and the other by Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, Napalm Death). Earlier today Cvlt Nation premiered the “Deliverance” remix by Sanford Parker, and we’re now bringing you the “Dissociation” remix created by Justin Broadrick.



Chuck Clybourne has disclosed that “World of Filth” relates back to a hard time in his life two or three years ago: “Everything around me was in complete chaos and I was miserable just existing to the point, I wound up in a mental health facility due to severe depression.” He continues:

“So, the song kind of comes from that time-period and headspace. I knew I wanted to make the gnarliest, most brutal sounding shit I could. I had a few rules. No guitars and no drummer. The entire song is just a drum machine, a synth or two, and my voice. Very simple, but effective.

“It was a cathartic experience to work through the process of writing this song, but If I had to go back to the headspace to get another one like this I’m not sure I’d want to. It’s fun to play live though!”

In the original version of the song as it appeared on the EP, Clybourne begins by layering bursts of shining and skittering noise over a slow and gradually shifting rhythmic pulse, until a point at which the beat becomes more feverish and shrouded with abrasion — the point at which his voice appears, ranting in harsh screaming tones and crying out with spine-tingling intensity. The music hammers and slashes, wobbles and growls, skitters and seethes, as Clybourne howls in a fury. It’s a visceral and arresting experience, and an uncomfortable one.



In approaching the remix, Justin Broadrick tells us, “My whole concept with this remix was to make it as grimy and as nasty as inhumanly possible, and maybe I got close”. He definitely got more than close.

His “Dissociation” remix makes the music even more menacing, mentally destabilizing, and senses-assaulting. He makes the most of the vocal ingredients, turning them into a terrorizing force within the yowling and screaming maelstroms that spin out around the slugging grooves, and ends it with something like the sound of hammers trying to ruin sheet metal.



World of Filth” is not the only maxi-single for a song that first appeared on The Black Mark. Last month 5 R V L N 5 also released an edition of the track “Flesh” which includes two alternate mixes by three-time Grammy winner David Bottrill (Peter Gabriel, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins). You can find that here.

As mentioned above, in addition to our premiere of Justin K. Broadrick‘s remix of “World of Filth“, Cvlt Nation also today premiered the “Deliverance” remix of the track by Sanford Parker, and it’s also definitely well worth your time. Go check that out here.

This new maxi-single was mixed by Sanford Parker and mastered by Adam K. Stilson, and the cover art was crafted by Chuck Clybourne. It will be out tomorrow via End of All Hope Records.






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