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(Our Norway-based contributor Karina Noctum compiled this list of forthcoming 2021 releases that she’s eagerly awaiting, with streams of advance tracks for many of them.)

2021 has just started and the news of upcoming releases by several bands I really like has been substantial. It has become one of the few highlights amidst these almost post-apocalyptic times with virus mutations running wild. I’m compiling a list of albums or EPs I look forward so I won’t forget anything since it’s already a lot, luckily. I would like to share this list here.


Nekromantheon – Visions of Trimegistos

Nekromantheon and Obliteration, two of the best bands Oslo has to offer (and with shared members between them). Thrash & Death the old school way, skillfully played and bringing awesome riffs. After listening to Nekromantheon’s single “The Visions of Trismegistos” from their next album, I already want more!



The Crown – Royal Destroyer

I’m really looking forward to listening to Royal Destroyer, which will be released the 12th of March. I have been listening to the first single from the upcoming album, “Motordeath”, since they released it earlier this year. The band have indeed found their mojo and they are blending the hard rock, old school metal, and even punkish sounds into something really cool. I’m thoroughly enjoying how the Swedish scene continues to get better and better with time, just like wine.



Nordjevel – Fenriir

The Norwegian Black Metal band announced the release of an EP in early May. The line-up so far counts with talented and renowned Norwegian and Swedish musicians, so this band is a good technical blend between the scenes.



Lecherous Nocturne

Back in 2018 when they released Occultaclysmic, the album was so good that it inspired me to write a review. They have been posting glimpses of material for their next album since they started writing. On January 3rd, they announced that this year might see a new release. I expect no less than a powerful discharge of excellent brutality and technicality. So, fingers crossed that everything goes well and the album comes out later this year.



Cannibal Corpse – Violence Unimagined

They are back with a new single called “Inhumane Harvest”. The album, entitled Violence Unimagined, will be released by Metal Blade on April the 16th.



The Ritual Aura

I have lots of favorite bands coming from Australia, but I must say that The Ritual Aura reminds me more of the American/Canadian tech scenes. The musicians in this band are pretty skilled and create interesting compositions. It is technical and aesthetical. Due to these guys’ impressive level of talent as musicians and their high levels of creativity I can’t really tell what will come in their next album (tracking is nearly complete), apart from it being of excellent quality, so it’s going to be super interesting.



Svart Lotus

SL are an interesting band musically. Tor R. Stavenes (Seidemann) from 1349 started the band. It is firmly rooted in first wave BM and has also Death and Doom elements, which makes the music dense. New material comes out in March.



Forhist – Forhist

This is an awesome BM musical project from Vindsval (Blut Aus Nord). Reading the Bandcamp comments, someone wrote: “it was love at first sound!” and I totally second that. It’s pretty Norwegian and it’s not like you get a ton of bands that nail it in such a manner with the right qualities, so this is awesome. If you know BAN then you know you can expect excellent stuff from Forhist beforehand. If you are not familiar with BAN, then you should definitely check out Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry, which is one my favorite BM albums from 2014. Forhist have released two excellent singles already from the debut album — “I” and “II”.



Cult of Luna – The Raging River

I enjoy the melancholic and depressing mood in CoL. I really like the double drumming and the dense Doom and distorted Sludge sounds. Judging by the sound of the single they released back in December, I would say the upcoming EP The Raging River will be a dense one, so I’m absolutely looking forward to hearing more.



Einherjer – North Star

Out of all the epic, Viking/folk-oriented bands here in Norway, I must say that Einherjer is one of the best. I really hope we will have a release concert some time at the end of this long tunnel. Their new album North Star is coming out on February 26th.



Korpse – Insufferable Violence

This Dutch band has such favor with the audience, such rhythm, you can’t help but move. They have probably one of the most energetic shows in any Slam Deathfest. They released a new single called “Insufferable Violence” and are signed with Unique Leader Records. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing the new songs being played live after this nightmarish period ends. The album will be out on February 26th.



Iotunn – Access All Worlds

I have been listening a lot to Thrash, Power, and Speed for some months now and I’m constantly looking for new bands. Iotunn is one good discovery from Denmark. They are technical and you’ll hear influences from the Danish scene. The songs are well-structured and the progression is interesting. Their sound is not that warm and they do not overdo it, so I really like it. Their new album Access All Worlds will be released on February 26th.



Twitch of the Death Nerve – Beset by False Prophets

My first impression of their live show that I got to attend in Berlin was totally crushing. They have a solid brutal sound! Pretty good composition and interesting riff variation. They premiered their single from a new album, “The Wages of Faith”, here at NCS. I’m looking forward to their new album, which combines four new songs and a complete live set from January 2020. It’s scheduled for March 12th. FFO Defeated Sanity, Malignancy, Disgorge (US), Despondency.



Honorable Mention

Anal Stabwound

Recently I checked out the playthrough video of the song “Temporal Dissection” because I like Maggot Colony, and Larry Wang was featured in it. The song belongs to the album The Visceral Sovereign which was released by Anal Stabwound earlier this year. Once I saw the video, I was surprised to see some kids playing. Had I been blindfolded I wouldn’t have guessed it. It turns out it’s only one 15-year-old doing all the work, and that is amazing! I must say that the album has good qualities. It’s a pretty solid debut. Nikhil Talwalkar has a talent for Brutal Death and it’s awesome to have him in the scene. I only hope he keeps honing his craft and delivering good brutality!


  1. Hi Islander,
    Nice to see a mix in your post.. I’m really hoping to see the new Qrixkuor materialise soon and maybe some news from Coffin Texts!?

  2. Holy crap, AS pumped me up. That kid is awesome.

  3. No mention of Diskord? Strangeness… Out this year on Transcending Obscurity:

  4. Maiden 03 Sept

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