May 272021


And now we come to the third and final Part of today’s new-music roundup. If you’ve been following along, you know that Part 1 consisted of music from two doom bands and Part 2 corralled songs from two death metal bands. And so perhaps it’s predictable that I’ve got two black metal bands in this final installment.

SORDIDE (France)

I hope Sordide’s new album Les Idées Blanches has been on your radar. I’ve done what I can to help that happen, having previously written in glowing terms about its first advance track, “Je n’ai nul pays”. And now that a second track has emerged, I’d like to continue the drumbeat.



Armed with fiery and vengeful words, “Le silence ou la vie” (silence or life) makes me think of a wild, whirling dance, though it definitely includes sinister and discordant maneuvers as well. In both its exultant and more diabolically menacing and demented phases, the bass-and-drum interplay is a continuing attraction, and the adventurous fretwork is weird and wondrous. It’s a rich, head-spinning cornucopia of changing, multi-layered sensations, and if you’re like me you will feel your pulse begin to race as you listen.

Les Idées Blanches will be released by Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions on June 4th.









MORAST (Germany)

This second song comes with a chilling video made by Chariot of the Black Moth.

Like Sordide’s song above, Morast’s “In Gloam” is armed with serious, powerful words, but its music is strikingly different — just as chilling as the video that was inspired by it. It takes little time at all for the chiming guitars, the slowly undulating low frequencies, and the ghostly wails and whispers to reveal Morast‘s supernatural doom influences. Their black metal inclinations come out as well, as the guitars begin to seethe, the drums to hammer, and the vocals to become savagely infuriated.

Combining all these sensations, Morast create a frightening sonic hallucination. It feels suffocating and suffused with illness, but also cruel, and its upheavals seem apocalyptic.

This song is one of two tracks (the other being “Augmentation of Time“) on a new EP named The Palingenesis, which was released on May 21st by Ván Records/Totenmusik. It’s the first Morast release with new vocalist Z., formerly known for his work with Nagelfar, Endstille and Graupel.




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