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On July 31st the Spanish label Darkwoods will release the eighth album by the powerful Galician band Dantalion. Bearing the name Time to Pass Away, and adorned by the cover art of the great Russian artist Vergvoktre and further artwork by el dios perezoso, it represents a return to the band’s black metal roots (as well as the spectacular return of Sanguinist as the vocalist).

Today it’s our privilege to help spread the word about the new album by premiering a gripping video for its first single, “Time To Close the Circle“, which is being digitally released today as a stand-alone track. The dark emotional power of the song is undeniable, and so is its blood-rushing intensity.



The fiery vibrancy of the song’s opening riff seizes attention immediately, and the impact becomes even more tremendous when the drums begin hurtling, the bass starts thundering, and the vocalist begins his wild ravages. The howling passion of Sanguinist’s vocals is a key fixture throughout the song, but the music’s dynamism is equally vital. The changing drum rhythms and morphing riffs provoke reflexive head movement in the midst of the storming conflagration, and the song also reveals passages of intense sorrow on a grand scale, which the shattering urgency of the vocals drives to even higher levels.

In a further transition, the music also creates an atmosphere of mysticism and magic, just before a final blazing climax that’s absolutely electrifying — it seems to rocket along a line between soul-splintering despair and incendiary defiance. The video underscores all of these sensations by showing the band throwing themselves into the performance of the song with complete dedication to the song’s visceral emotional intensity.



Time to Pass Away consists of eight ravishing tracks (produced by Brais Barreiro), and Darkwoods will release it on CD, in both a standard jewelcase edition and in a “die-hard pressing” limited to 50 hand-numbered copies in an oversized digifile with cardboard slipcase and extended artwork, plus a very limited collector’s edition on cardboard box with exclusive extras.




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