Jul 292021


What is an “unction“? Well, it is the anointing of someone with oil or ointment as a religious rite, or perhaps as a symbol of the investiture as a monarch. In somewhat more archaic terms, it is a treatment with a medicinal oil or ointment.

But here’s a harder question, which sent us scurrying into research: What does “muliebrous” mean? Our investigation tells us that it’s an adjective which refers to something that has the qualities or characteristics of a woman, e.g., something feminine.

As for what a “muliebrous broth” might be, we’ll leave that to your own imagination.

Now that we’ve satisfied your curiosity and improved your vocabulary, let’s turn to the business at hand, and the business at hand is a filthy discharge of clobbering and eviscerating madness as rendered by the Atlanta-area death metal band Occulsed, whose debut album Crepitation of Phlegethon (you’ll have to look up those words yourself) will be vomited forth by Everlasting Spew Records on September 17th.



Many of the deviants reading this post will already be familiar with the morbid and mutilating talents of Occulsed via their two preceding demos, 2019’s Cenotaph to Purity and 2020’s Ceremonial Lifelessness, and may already be aware that the band’s members have quite extensive pedigrees, including participation in Father Befouled and Encoffination. But if you didn’t know all that, now you do.

But to return to the business at hand: “Unction Of Muliebrous Broth” is a nasty piece of work, compact in length and merciless in its macabre ministrations. It includes dense, toxic-toned riffing that viciously jolts and roils, backed by booming and battering percussive savagery. The grisly and ghastly sensations of this rabid assault are both noxious and electrifying, and so are the abominable screeches, gurgles, and growls that radiate through the pestilential and dismal miasmas of sound.

In time, the drumming races into a gallop, and then converts into a kind of scampering and lurching cadence, while the grotesque riffing begins to seem not just frighteningly deranged but gleeful in its lunacy. The song should leave you fiendishly gleeful too.



As noted above, Everlasting Spew will be the bearer of this gruesome platter of filthy and obscure delights, and (as noted) has set September 17th as the release date. You’ll find pre-order info via the links below (which will go live today if they’re not alive already).

Bandcamp: https://everlastingspewrecords.bandcamp.com/album/crepitation-of-phlegethon
Mailorder: https://bit.ly/3rJQELd



  1. Maybe it’s just an aesthetic or production concern, but it sounds like they can’t even play in time together. I don’t mind rough recordings, by any means, but the music itself seems to be tied together with twine and chewing gum, which, of course might ALSO be an intentional decision. Great energy, nonetheless!

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