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The perfectly named Red is the Color of Ripping Death is the first Nunslaughter album in seven years and the first one since the 2015 death of the band’s beloved drummer Jim “Sadist” Konya. For those who knew him, it is clear that he will always be missed, but he would no doubt be smiling along with the rest of us to know that Nunslaughter have forged ahead in such savage and fiendishly seductive fashion.

What we’ve got for you today is the premiere of an album track named “Broken and Alone“, accompanied by a music video that pairs scenes of a serial-killer at work with footage (red-tinged of course) of the band discharging the song like wild animals in the throes of ferocious ecstasy.



Nunslaughter don’t waste time, and it’s amazing how fast they can punch a listener’s accelerator when they open up their own turbochargers. This new song is roughly two minutes of battering drums, hard-thrusting bass, roiling and raking riffage, and teeth-bared, coming-for-your throat vocal ferocity, with a bludgeoning and brazen breakdown to keep you on your toes in the midst of all the blood-spraying devil-metal mayhem.



In case you missed it, down below we’re also including the fantastic Claymation-style animated video for the first single from the new album, “Below the Cloven Hoof“, which also wastes no time bringing your blood to a boil and making mincemeat of your brain.

Red is the Color of Ripping Death includes the completion of some unfinished / unrealized music that Jim Sadist and founding frontman Don of the Dead wrote years ago, as well as material newly written with Nunslaughter‘s current lineup.

The album will be released by Hells Headbangers on CD, tape, and digital formats on August 27th, with an LP projected to surface in the winter of this year.




  1. Hey NCS crew, I probably need to take a chill pill, and do some research on Nunslaughter, they probably have a history of hilariously sarcastic and cheesy videos that you can only laugh at.
    So sorry for getting overly serious… but this is a video of a serial killer having murdered multiple women, in this case murdering a woman after he attempted a sexual advance without her consent (she needed to push him off). It might not have been the band’s intent to model misogyny and hatred of women, but that’s clearly the effect. Just as we can’t say to a band “hey, I know you are using nazi symbols just to be edgelords, we know you don’t mean it, so keep it up, keep using nazi symbols, we’ll turn a blind eye”, or at least I can’t say that, and I know that NCS doesn’t say that, we can’t say “hey, I know you are just being edgelords modelling hatred of women, we know you don’t mean it, we’ll turn a blind eye, keep those videos going”. Maybe I’m impacted more than usual after having listened to Caligula by Lingua Ignota last night (a very raw and painful album of women’s experiences of abuse), but if we draw the line with nazi symbolism, shouldn’t we do the same with depictions of misogyny?
    Thanks for listening, I will chill now!

    • I interpreted the video in the opposite way — that it wasn’t intended to condone or celebrate misogyny but, in portraying something horrible, to condemn it, or at least to reveal its terrors. Or maybe it’s just the band reveling in death and evil, which is kind of their modus operandi. But I don’t know all the lyrics, which presumably would shed some light on what the point of the video was.

  2. Depiction is not endorsement. It’s wild to me how many people struggle with this.
    Dope artwork, best the band has had, I think.

  3. I’m not saying that the band endorses violence against women. But rather, what the effect/impact is if metal bands depict it. Particularly all-male metal bands who play to a mostly-men audience.
    I can’t find the lyrics. So if it’s depicted for shock value, or as a work of art, what does that mean.
    Nazi symbolism has been depicted by some bands who don’t endorse fascism (and of course by some who are ultra-nationalist), but there’s impact of them depicting it even if they don’t endorse it.
    Maybe the band depicted this as a critique, maybe the title of the song refers to how users of violence ultimately often end up broken and alone if they don’t start to change / take responsibility for their behaviour.
    But yeah, my reaction was too strong.

  4. I think the discussion is good and deserved, but let me point out this: what if the killer killed another man? That would have been alright because it’s two guys? So you can condone murder if it’s between same sex? Of course not. So what, erase the idea of murder from metal?

    • I see what you mean, erasing the idea of murder from metal would be ridiculous. It would be like trying to erase murder from horror film genres.
      The man in the video was depicted as murdering the woman as punishment after she did not consent to sex. In the context of the massive problem of men’s violence against women in our society, depicting that to add shock value to a video feels off.
      But yes, if it was two men in the video, and if the killer murdered a man to punish him for similar reasons, then that would have disturbed me as well.

      • You’re totally entitled to your feelings and reaction to the video, Rodney. I won’t tell you you’re wrong for thinking that way. My take is do we really need a disclaimer on art that says “Misogyny is bad” or “Nazis are evil”. People point to Slayer and their song Angel of Death as Nazi glorification. Some of the ;lyrics clearly say otherwise. Except if you’re already a twisted sicko you might think fuck yea Mengele was an awesome dude. If you (not you personally Rodney) need to be told Nazis are evil or misogyny is bad, the problem isn’t with the art or artist. It’s you. You are the problem. And some serious introspection is probably warranted.

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