Nov 052021

The death metal band Delphian was formed by brothers Jason and Matthew Williams while attending Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA. In an effort to fully realize their envisioned amalgam of technical, progressive, and groove metal within the framework of death, they enlisted drummer Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Dying Fetus) on drums and bassist Martin Rygiel (Decapitated, Lux Occulta) for the recording of Delphian’s debut album, Somnambulant Foregoer.

The new album is set for release on November 12th, and to pave the way Delphian have been releasing lyric videos for some of the nine tracks that it encompasses. Today we have the pleasure of adding to that sequence through our premiere of the album’s explosive and electrifying title track.

In this new song vocalist Matthew Williams methodically but ferociously enunciates the lyrics through voracious mid-range growls that rise even further into ravishing extended howls. In tandem with that performance, the instrumentalists join together to creating a high-voltage, rapidly changing spectacle that brings the band’s tech-death and progressive inclinations to the fore, while also inflicting heavy-grooved punishment.

As expected, Kevin Talley creates riveting high-speed drum sequences that keep the adrenaline levels fully charged all by themselves, while Martin Rygiel nimbly flies right along with him.

As obviously talented as those performers are, Jason Williams should take the deepest bow. His layered guitar performances make this a head-spinning as well as a hard-hitting song. Technically impressive in the execution, the guitars viciously swarm, ebulliently dart, feverishly scream, vibrantly soar, combine with the other instruments to inflict punishing rapid-fire grooves, and eject eerily seething melodies.

And the thing is that as he cycles through each one of those sonic patterns and returns to them, they get stuck in the listener’s head.

Mixed and mastered by Chris Collier (CMC21 Productions), Somnambulant Foregoer is a relentless, nine-track, 47-minute attack with themes rooted in darkness, focusing on the evils of reality. It’s adorned by cover art created by the legendary Travis Smith, and it comes recommended for fans of Metallica, Slayer, Decapitated, Gojira and Opeth.

The album is up for pre-order now, and along with the relevant links we’ve also included lyric videos for two other album tracks, “Drip Me Toward the Ground” and “A Suicide Speech to Persuade“.



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